A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some more artsy fartys part two

some artsy fartsy stuff I been doing

I been playing in the 3.5 x 5 visual art journal by strathmore.  I did several water colors just playing around.

My favorite it singapore and the peacock :-)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

paper doll links

here are some paper dolls I found while perusing the net today

the enchanted gallery paper dolls

Ballerina paper dolls

Jumping Jacks and a tiger too

altered round Robin Book

After I sent my wizard of Oz book off I got Mary M. from the yahoo group I belong to.  Her book theme was something to believe in

I did one half page and one full page.  Here they are. Oh I borrowed a self portrait of Mary and printed it on my laser jet printer and used the copic markers to color her in.

Believe in yourself

Believe in your imagination

Butterfly embossing tutorial and fantasy foil tutorial + an atc + a couple more tutorials to try

I do have to try these tutorials out

Glittered butterfly

fantasy foil

puzzle piece atc

background with car modeling paints

polished stone background with alcohol inks

Friday, February 24, 2012

white marker pen

Here is an experiment

I tested some white out pens I had and white pencils

Here is what I decided.  

My favorite is the prisma white colored pencil cause it will never dry out.  

The next one I tried out is more of a marker then a pen.  It is the permapaque opaque pigment marker from sakura.  It did a pretty good job on black paper.  It did a pretty good job over my bic markers.  
I am thinking it might have a problem with over other medias.  I havent tried it  yet though

The last two I tried I wrote on the same paper
First is the Jelly Roll by Sakura.  I stored the pen tip down though I think I should of stored it side ways.  I have never used it so this might be the only time I do get to use it because these type of pens tend to clog from past experience.  Anyway this particle exercise it did not clog.

The other writing medium I used is the white out pen.  It needs to be shaken up.  I think this pen will require a lot of practice.  My first attempt was to runny.  I have seen it demonstrated on videos and it isn't so runny.  The artist was able to produce a thin line.  I am thinking I need to practice.  I have used the white out pens a lot back in the day at work when I was in charge of buying supplies.  I used it for its tended purpose for correction but stopped using them because I stopped buying the supplies and I got stuck with the bottle white out.  Yuck nasty stuff.  Cant open the bottle with out it getting all over my fingers. 

I had propped it up before it had dried so that is why the word white is runny.

Apparently I had bought another white marker from Hobby lobby.  I know it came from hobby lobby because I was tempted to buy one saturday but did not.  ha ha I already had one.  here is that look.  The name is written on the paper.  

Not bad not bad at all.

The real test is if they will be working in a month and if they will work over paints.  They should  work in a month, I have had these for a month or so now.   Well maybe not the jelly roll one.   As for working over paints.  Not to sure about that.  The pencil yes.  The white out yes.  The other three probably not.  

peacock mask

another swap.  I couldnt give up the red and black mask so I made a peacock one.  I was clever this time.  I made two so I didnt have to give it up.  Mine is almost done.  I ran out of bling and I put it aside so I could catch up on some swaps.
Mine is going to be a little different because I found a peacock pendant that I wish I had found for the swap.

I also used mod podge gloss and it really makes it shine.
I  have some extra bling so I might put it more around the eyes.  Any who here is the one I sent to my partner.


I signed up for a couple of swaps for art for the creative mind.

The theme is behind closed doors.  The only rule besides being an ATC make two.

Here are mine

Thursday, February 16, 2012

to funny not to share

My sister posted this on facebook

Yes this is my sister.  She is the crazy one (ha ha)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

waiting on the wash to finish

I have been so neglectful on this blog.  I am not going to apologize for it.  My blog ha!  I think I am the only one who might get their undies in a wad about it.

Anywho I am fighting with myself to keep the house clean.  It has not been an easy task.  I gave my sister the dinning room table so now the dinning room is empty.  But it isnt empty the cabinet for the bathroom and the sink have been stuck in there.  So now I do not care.  I use it as a laundry sorting room.  I been sorting those close for 3 weeks now. Havent  washed all of them.  Washed a few here and there.

I know Wendells room is a complete disaster.  So that does not help.  The bathroom is a complete disaster especially when the sink and cabinet is sitting in the dinning room.

The upstairs is a complete disaster.  Kathryn will not get her stuff.  I was promised October.  That is October 2011.  It is now February 2012.  I need to start charging storage rental fee.

So I just dumped stuff up there.  STUFF STUFF STUFF STUFF STUFF.  I am tired of stuff.  What does one do with stuff that is to good to throw away or donate but they dont want anymore.  They stick it up stairs with Kathryn's stuff that is what they do with the STUFF.

Then there is the electronic stuff cant throw it away anymore.  I got 3 tvs 2 computers a monitor and vacuum and misc other gadgets that I dont know what to do with.

The kitchen is a disaster too.  I have to put boards over the soft spots so nobody will put a hole in the floor. Thanks to the person who built the house they put a register halfway under which caused condensation which compromised the floor.

So why bother cleaning that up.  Oh the kitchen sink.  Wendell broke it.  Along with the toilet.  Wendell broke it.  Along with the shower head.  Wendell broke it.  Along with the bed Wendell broke it.

You see why I am having a hard timing keeping the house clean.  I think i would be better off with a passle of toddlers running thru the house.

I had the kitchen in some what of an order until Thursday.  Thursday is when Bruce put the cables under the house.  I have been working on Operation Kill Cable for the last week.  I got a bunch of gadgets with my income tax return so I can have "dvr" and regular tv.  I figured the only show I watch on cable was Martha Stewart and she was cancelled.  Why pay for it? I finished that up friday.  I am now transfering the phone number to magic jack.  That will take 10 days.  After all is said and done.  The gadgets I bought will pay it self with in six months but my mum is the one who will be getting the savings not I LOL.

Well the wash is done and I need to go to bed.  I have been headachie all weekend and dont need to add on to another reason to have on tomorrow.

100 ways to use old magazines

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