A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, March 19, 2012

todays photo

On with the fair

Keep an eye out for this ferris wheel you will see it again.  


I found this www site new to me may be old to you.  I wonder if I can do this at work.  The www is probably blocked.  Oh well.


I was giving it a run down I took this photo 

and made this.  Not the best but it was fun giving it a try

Sunday, March 18, 2012

todays photo

Continuing on with the fair photos.  I took a couple of days break from the fair photos because I took some pictures that were prevalent to that day. 

Fire works at the fair

altered book

The next altered book I received to work on had the theme over the Edge.

I immediately thought of Shel Silverstein book Where the Side walk ends.  I borrowed the books from my sister.  (I also took advantage of the books and used one of the poems to make a birthday card for Sophia and Marlo which I already posted)

Here is my layout.   The drawing is from the cover with some doodles. Durn I forgot to take a photo of the tag I made.  NUTS!

The poem is written on the black tags that are tucked in the envelope.

rak Sent

I am sending five raks out to thank people who sent me some things.

They are getting a set of note cards of photographs I had taken and printed.


Here is the ATC swap for the Art for the creative Mind swap.  I signed up twice.

Two per swap.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

todays photo

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today we went to Build a Bear so Owen can build a bear.   Well Duh LOL.  I couldn't resist building a bear myself.  Here are the photos. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

todays photo

Since I posted a story about the fair the next few todays photos are going to be from past fairs.  These particular photos poses a question.   How did Grandma get to keep her two feet planted firmly on the ground  with Conner and a pony, While I....... 

Ended up sitting on top of an elephant????????????????????????  Explain that one to me! 

Rak received

I was kind of shocked that I received this bday card today.  I havent been very active in the making greeting card group of late.  I am very impressed and I like the fold too.  Gotta research it!

Closed with a ribbon


speaking of vampires

new trailer for dark shadows

Happy Ides of March

Yeah I am morbid LOL

What are the Ides of March ... oh that is what Google is for :-)

Self Portrait

There is a Challenge going on in my favorite yahoo group art for the creative mind to make a self portrait.  I have posted the color book page I made some time ago.  I used that as my base.  In paint shop pro I created a new layer to put over it and wrote how in my heart I am still that little girl waiting to grow up and not that grown up I see in the mirror.

I then printed it out and used my prisma colored pencils.  I had a tough time learning skin color.  I know its not perfect.  But its all about learning.  I also had trouble with the toner smearing.   One tutorial used her ink jet and it did not smear.  I even colored with the copics on my ink jet and it did not smear so I thought I try the ink jet printer.  It was worse.

I did figure if I laid a strong layer of color on the paper it did not smear but it made my skin way to dark.  I have vampire complextion ha ha ha

Here is the project...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

todays photo

The state fair

Before I continue on... we are interpreted by this news bulletin.
THIS IS THE 1000th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 The crowd goes wild.  Muppet wild!
I kind of talk to much with my hands don't I?
Now we will continue back to our regular scheduled post already in progress...

The State Fair??? Yes that is what this post is about. Well not really.It is more about found art at the South Carolina State Fair. You may or may not know the South Carolina state fair is in October. Yes it is still March. My birthday month. I want gift cards to hobby lobby. I want the cinch and some copic markers.  But I digress. The state fair. The only reason I like to go to the state fair is the craft building and the art building. You know the ones where people say I can do that. Instead my mom says you can do that. Oh I am my own worst critic.
Well there are the mini donuts, French fries, and Otis spunk chocolate chip cookies. I know you are thinking what about the elephant ears and the corn dogs and funnel cakes and the turkey legs and the fried butter (gag). I have my food favorites you can have your food favorites. I have never been known to be one that follows the crowd. I do my own thing and my own thing is those cinnamon donuts. So what about the rides, the games of chance or the animals. Yeh. I got animals at home. The rides I got this fear of heights and speed unless I am in my mustang har har.As for the games. I rather not waste it on games when I can waste it on art products. Like I need another stuffed animal
In October 2011 I was enjoying the art work from South Carolinians.  I wandered into the school art and stopped and had to smile. Without reading the information card I knew who their art teacher was and what High school they are attending. There it was displayed on the wall, the infamous shoe polish collage of my high school youth staring back at me.  Granted it was not the same piece I had made back in the day but it was done with the same technique and I have never seen the like of it again. I read the information card and it was confirmed, Mrs. Mixon and Airport High School.I first stumbled on this collage technique as a junior in high school. I graduated high school in 1991. Yes hard to believe 20 years later Mrs. Mixon is still at it, still at Airport and still making art with shoe polish.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

todays photo

Not taken by me.  I do not know who the photographer is.  I found it on Facebook  I just really really really liked it.

Exciting news!

My peacock made the home page picture on art for the creative mind this week.  Okies its not a huge big deal but I still think its pretty cool in my small little world. 

i forgot pebbles!

So I finished the mask wall.  See below post.  I finished hanging the the pet photos on the opposite wall.

I tell mom of my accomplishments and I tell her I need three more pets (there is room to the right to hang one picture in each row if I remove the steal drum which I plan to do)

She asked me did you put pebbles up there.


I went to dinner there tonight and Pebbles was in the back yard I popped my head outside and that dog tore across the yard cause I was there to see him.  Ha.  Mom doesnt get why that silly dog likes me so much.  He does not act that way to anybody else.  Yeah I sort of dont get it either but when I get paid I will make sure to buy a frame and some photo paper and put pebbles on the wall.  He belongs between the last two cats.
I think i will add two of my favorite photos just as a filler until I get some more pets!

the mask wall

Here is my mask wall in the play room.  I share a play room with my nephews.  Hee hee.  Some I made, Some others made.  Purchased some.  Some were cheap some were more expensive.  Not ever complete though!

Monday, March 12, 2012

todays photo

I did not realize I had this photo till much later.  I did crop it to remove 1 person.  He wasnt needed... in the photo that is.  I am sure he is needed in life like everybody else is Ok I am getting all sentimental.  Knock it off LOL

I love the wine glass.  That is what draws me to it!  I have no idea who these two are

Sunday, March 11, 2012

todays photo

I need to start back with the photo of the day.  I will probably go back and keep posting when I get a free moment.  Ha that is a laugh.  More like when the urge hits.  Only editing done was cropping.  The one of many hundreds of geese at work.  I love the geese.  They have seagulls too.  I don't love those so much.  They seem to be a bit pushy.

altered egg swap

This is for the creative minds group.  take a big egg and alter it.  I made two cause well its a peacock and you know how I am about my peacock.

peacock mask take 2

Here is my version of the peacock mask.  I love the metal peacock in the middle

Sophia and Marlo's Birthday

I do not have any pictures but I have a story to share and some quick craft projects and cards I made.

I could not make it to their birthday party Friday so we took them to the Olive Garden Saturday.

Sophia told me she likes Chocolate Cake.  So she got Chocolate cake.  They shared lasagna and told us they were going to Hilton Head at 12:00.  She confirmed they were on the road at 12:34 today via text.

I got them a beach bag and towel each.  I did not want to get them the same gift and I knew Sophia wouldnt want it but the bag and towel were so gift.  My mom got them a sleep over party kit.  I dunno if they will be having many more sleep overs since the guest stayed up till 1:30 pm

I made them each a composition book and a matching card in their favorite themes. Both have bling for the eyes and bubbles for the fish and bling strawberries

 Sophia likes Ocean.

For Marlo I made a strawbery short cake themes composition book and card

I used paint shop pro and tubes. 
 Here is the tube www site for Strawberry shortcake.  strawberry shortcake
They are not the best tubes in the world but they are what I found and will do in a pinch

Here are the fish tubes fish tube
Some of the fins appeared to be cut off but they are bigger then the strawberry ones.  They worked just fine for this project. 

I borrowed some books from my sister Shel Silverstein and I found a cute poem for a card.  I made it for Mom to give to them