A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, April 30, 2012


didnt post this when I should have.

Mom's easter card.   I am liking it.  I love the doodle craze!

todays picture

So I cropped this bird so it would not be in the center.

Does it make it look more interesting then the original?

I think it does.  But wait. what about the next photo.  The bird is in the middle again and I am liking it!
I dont think it is the exact photo but it could have been.  Just a case of cropping the bird tighter. 

Denny's Birthday

I made this card

Pretty simple but it goes with the gift. 

I found this neat chess set at world market and had to snag it. 

Well yes there is an elephant on the card and on the outside box.  But there is more then that to make the card tie in with the chess set. 

Here is the inside with the chess pieces. 

Pretty plain huh?

I was poking around on my game shelve and came across an old game set that I never used and I got the idea to make the box into a game set.

I found some cards, Miles Bornes (if you never played it, its a fun french card game about driving. I happened to have two sets.  One a vintage set and one never opened.  I kept the vintage for moi!), checkers, dice with a Yahtzee pad and instructions, and game pieces for backgammon.  

Back Gammon?  The board isn't set up for it!  Or is it?
  With a template I found on the internet.  I had to tweek it a bit because it had large triangles and then small ones. I wanted them to be all uniform.  It only had one side of the triangles.  I copied my edited version and pasted and rotated 180 degrees. So I could get half a board on a sheet of paper.  Feel free to use my template I tweeked. 

I then Cut 12x12 paper to 8.5x11 stuck it in my laser printer upside down and printed a darker and lighter golden color.
Ooooh now you may remember the background to the card way up there had a dark and gold back ground.  

Very clever I am LOL and It used the scraps.

Here is the almost finished product.  Some spots of the mod podge has yet to dry.  I will take another picture of it all packed up with the new goodies when it is dried. 

I found some instructions on the internet for game play and I printed those to stick in the box. 

ATC words of Wisdom

Here are my 4 ATC for the Words of Wisdom theme. I joined the swap twice so my partner gets two cards. I made one more simple and one more complex. I do not know which got paired with which and who got what. I stuck them in an envelope and sent them on their merry way.

ear worm part two

I got to tell somebody my knowledge about earworms when they claimed they had a whitney houston song stuck in their head

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yes bad mee I been away.  Since I been away blogger has a new look.  I dont like things that change.
Why change things.  Why make me unhappy.  Why did Chickfile ruin their brownie...
oh the woes of me
haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Yeah I am a riot (rolling eyes)

So I had a birthday yes Yikes another year older.  I dont feel older I feel like this person trapped in this old body YUCK.
Anywho I got a kindle.  Oh I was back and forth about it.  Cant put the thing down now har har har.

Mum keeps saying I am glad you dont like  your kindle.  She can be such a smarty pants sometimes.

Anyway if you remember this time last year I had this difficult customer.  I was also unemployed.  Anyway this difficult customer is back (like I can ever get rid of her ha!)

First item she needed were tickets.  Oh she told me a while ago but then let it slip out of my itty bitty brain and never brought it up till I was in a full blown migraine.  Yeah know the type your mom drags you to the doctor so you can get shots in your butt type.  Yeah that type.

Well I got the tickets done.  Here they are.  Now I have to make some ATCs

Dont bother printing them and using them as real tickets.  That would be wrong.  Very wrong of you and the man upstairs will take care of you! 
Now where did they move the post button.... oh yeah there it is... it is the "publish" button fancy.  Well off it goes. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012