A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, July 30, 2012

Grunge tags completed

See the link in the below post to see out I grunged up the tag with the bird on it.  It smells nice too!

I was not liking this one at first but a little tweaking and I liked it!  I got the flowers from other swaps.  Manly from TG.  I got the paper for the butterflys from Bev.  Its the homemade paper that came from Bev when she sent me the African inspired card.

I took a white tag from Hobby Lobby... note to one self... those tags were weak dont but those again.  and I had some small pop dots that was stuck to the paper that looks like sequin waste.  I have sequin waste thanks to two friends from the artist for the creative minds group.. but I was to lazy to get off my bumm and go into the other room and get it.

I used gesso and painted onto the three tags.  Two to make at a later date.  I rubbed Tim holtz distress pad on it.  I dont remember the color I used. 

Then I put together the flowers and butterflys.  I grunged up the flowers with the same distress pad.  I then used the Tim holds tool that grunges up the sides of paper.  The tag was so flimsy I glued a second one that I had gessoed onto the back and used the same ink to finish it off.  

Something was still off so I took a black marker and outlined the butterflys and the tag.  I think it turned out pretty good.  My only problem with it is the glue I used for the butterfly it leaked out and caused that shine. 

This is the yummy smelling tag I had baked.  I decided I needed a music stamp and heart punch so I went to hobby lobby and picked them both up 40%.  Both were on sale.  

First the tags ripped and tore and I used masking tape and that was not going to stop it from tearing more so I got the idea to run one thru the xyron and then stick them together (remove the circle so it wont be bulky) 
Not the best idea ... I was full of not so good ideas tonight LOL.  The glue was stronger then the tag and it glued it to the sticker paper.  I had to carefully peel it off ... though it did rip some more and used my glue stick.  Awe the might glue stick I went thru 4 small ones this last weekend. 
Then I stamped. 
I stamped the tag similar to the tag below.  This is my practice tag that I will use for my art journal I suppose cause it does not have a back tag to make it stronger. 
I got out my bird cage Tim Holtz die and cut the bird and I remembed receiving a card a long time ago from a group that I still belong to but I haven't participated with in a long.
They only make cards... here is the card

I really liked the flower.  It is made of all hearts.  I wanted to give it a try.  Here is a closer look at the heart flower. 

I pretty much just winged it.  I should see if I could find a tut on youtube.  I also think I need different size heart punches.
I decided to take book pages and do the same technique.  I thought I be clever and this time use flower on the pan and in between layers.
After I started baking my book pages I remembered something
What does flower and water make
It stuck even worse LOL.
But I rescued enough sheets to make the 3 flowers.  I used brads and poked the hearts with a piercing tool and stuck them on.  I did try to cut the hearts smaller for the first four.
Not as grand as the card I got but its cute.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grunge tags tutorial


giving this a try ... so far I tore two tags.  With Masking tape it will be more grungy right?

Should have bought them at the office supply store not at hobby lobby.

stay tuned for finished project.

Here are the baked unfinished tags I made ... they smell awesome btw

more ways to use the gellatos

I think I am going to have to get more LOL

part one

Part 2

Saturday, July 28, 2012

walk down memory lane

Somebody posted a picture of their first phone on facebook and it reminded me of this toy Robin and I use to have

for got to mention this book

When I got my wizard of oz book Mary M. was kind enough to send this book along with it.  I love the wizard of oz and It will go perfectly with all my wiz stuff.

Thanks Mary M.

Easy Peasy Magnet Craft

Supplies needed
Metal lid to a pasta sauce jar or pickle jar.  Something similar.
Scissor (safety pair for smaller people)
Metal Paint or Ribbon Optional

What no glue???  You got that right NO GLUE!  No waiting for glue to dry!

Clean your lid and save the jar for a water jar for your paintings.   You may paint the lids if you have paint that will stick to metal.   Or perhaps you can wrap a ribbon around the outside lid.  This is all optional.  The choice is your.  It’s your easy peasy craft!

Select a picture from a magazine, post cards, news paper, print out, personal photos, or any thing you want to use but is should be made out of paper.  If you wanted to use fabric then I would adhere it onto card stock but you will have to use glue.  Might I suggest Mod Podge?  The focal image needs to be able to fit inside the diameter of your jar lid.   You can determine that by placing your jar lid on the picture and moving it around to see if it covers up the focal image that you want to be in your magnet.   Make sure the flat part is touching the paper not the rim of the lid.   This is important for the next part so you do not have to lift it off and flip the lid over.
No not like this. 

Yeah like this! 

When you got the lid positioned just where you want it, trace around it with a pencil.

Cut the circle out that you traced with scissors.

Lay the picture face up on top of the inside of your lid.  You will see that it should sit perfectly on top.

Ok even though I traced it right I did not cut it out right Its
a little to big so trim it up.  Its no biggie if it isn't perfect. 

Take your finger and push in the middle of the picture and the picture should pop right on in.

The sucker will not fall out or wiggle.  Really it won’t.  Give it a shake.  See I told you so!
So I got carried away with the trimming but its no biggie
This is a close tight up.  When its hanging up you don't see the
space.  Really you don't! 

Ah ha I see some space on the close up too 

The lid is made out of metal so the magnet should stick right on it and its ready to hang on your fridge or in my case the metal cabinet.

Some magnets have stick back you can use those too.

If you really wanted to glue the magnet down you will need to use industrial strength glue such as E6000.  This glue aggravates me because it is always clogging.   Oh yeah, Gorilla glue!  The new bottle has not clogged up on me as of yet.  Use a smidgeon of that cause it will expand.

Now go hang your magnets on the fridge or hang them on a metal cabinet like I did.

told you you won't see the space when its hanging up. 

Easy Peasy like I said!

Friday, July 27, 2012

shoe mail art

I received this shoe mail art from TG she is the list owner.  I cloned over my address that is why it looks

Dont need any crazies showing up at my house.  I am sure I am easy to find but if your a crazy you have to put some work to it ha ha ha

She claimed she felt silly sending an empty envelope so she added some die cuts in there. Yeah for me.  Going to paste this in this little journal that I saw in the Art Journal magazine.

I need to get a move on with my.  I got three to do and they are due out on Tuesday.  I know one will be one two buckle my shoe.  Just a little hint there. 

another swap received from my fav yahoo group

The theme was Africa.  The technique was dry emboss.  I have already showed the world my card.

my take on the Africa Inspired card Link

Here is the card I received from Bev and the extras she was kind enough to tuck into the card.  yohoo me.  I like extras.

Awesome colors

Karen H.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 ATCs made - Silhouette Swap

These ATCs are for the Silhouette Swap over on Artist for the creative mind group.  There is a link to the yahoo group over there on your right.  I only had to do 2 but some how I ended up with 5 LOL. 

You may recognize the giraffe from the africa card I did a week ago.  Its posted some where on the blog.  The giraffe was orange but I painted him black.  I used water color paper and water color crayon and made the sun set in the background. 

I used the cricut for this one.  I do not remember the cartridge.  Children at play or something like that.  I felt the silhouettes were to simple thats why I kept making more and more.  The card is on water color paper with water color crayon.  It is then glued to a black atc blank.

I could not get a good picture of this one because there is clear contact paper over it.   I used water color crayon and colored the blue.  I used my lino stamp I made which was way to big for this size but I only used a portion of it.  I rolled the ink on and placed the atc where I wanted it to be.
I printed the words on blank copy paper and put a piece of contact paper over and rubbed real good.
I cut the size of the atc with the words where I wanted it to be in the left hand corner.  I dipped the contact paper into water and let it soak for a bit.
I rubbed all the paper off and it left the toner.  I placed the contact paper over the city scape card.

Here is the full stamp.  I trimmed it to the exact size because I did not want the extra stuff printing for this particular image.  You will see with the next lino cut (I used it for the next atc) I left the background in. 

Oh yes my famous Fairy.  I used this one a lot.  The Fairy cut stamp is much bigger and I did the same thing that I did the the cityscape.  I inked it up and laid it down and placed the atc where I wanted it to print on. 

Here is the the stamp.  It is well used as you can tell.  I follow Tim Holtz philosophy about cleaning his stamps!  He doesn't!   Well I do wipe them down but the ink remains. 

Oh yes the one that gave me the hardest time and the one I like the most.  This is a svg file I found on the internet and I used with the cricut and sure cuts a lot.  It was free and I am sure if you google it you can find it. 
I did the same thing with the words as the city scape using the contact paper.  The first go around the words smudged off and I had the thing already put together and the monkey was too big and his tail got trimmed off at the right side. Another thing I did not like is the contact paper covered the green water colored paper and the black atc.  I decided it just needed to be on the green part not the black mat. 
So I started all over again from scratch.
I water colored the paper green and black.  I made the words and used the contact paper.  It smudged again so I did it again.  At least this time I did not have all the pieces together when I decided to redo.. all I had to redo was the wording. 
So I started putting it together. I put the contact paper on the green water color and trimmed it up.  I glued that down to the back mat and I realized it was upside down in reference to the label on the back So I turned it around.  The black edges were suppose to be on the bottom now they are on the top.  It still worked out. 
I put the monkey on and it covered half of the top line and I thought I was going to have to redo the whole thing.  I did manage to scrape the monkey off and had 2 extras which I was going to send to my partner.  
Well I ran the one thru the Xyron machine upside down and it was facing the wrong way. 
So I had to go to my second back up and managed to get him down onto the contact paper.  
I thought it would look better to have the monkey sitting on top of the contact paper instead of underneath it. 
So I got a monkey sticker which I put in my common place book and my poor partner got 5 atc instead of 2 with no extra monkeys.  Sorry T. 

The altered book has returned

Here are the pictures.

The first pictures are done by those who received the book in the swap

Here are my pages