A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, November 22, 2012

saw this in a phone book

Its for an ad for a lawyer... now if you looked like this would you put your picture in the phone book.  It wasn't just one year either it was for at least two years

I wrote this awhile a go

I took a walk today and came across some black birds in the cow field.  They were having their own conversation.  Kaw Kaw Coo Kaw Kaw coooo.

I may possibly be paranoid but I believe they were talking about me… well making fun of me rather.  The conversation was probably something along the lines of look at that silly critter walking with those two ugly legs.  She can’t fly like we can.  To emphasis the point they took off and flew to the next post.  They took up their conversation again.   After they finished heckling me I believe they started feeling sympathy for me.   There is nothing more disconcerting then having a black bird feel sorry for you.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I was wrong

I thought it made it easier.. you know when you find out somebody is sick or in my case some dog.  You have time to prepare right, get ready for the time you loose him. Its easier for you right?

Well I was wrong.

My lex lays his head on my lap and looks at me as if telling me its going to be ok.

Its not OK when in a few months he is going to be gone.

Just like DeSoto.  Its too soon.

So every time I look at him I know Im going to loose him.

It hurts it really really hurts.

partial embosing

partial embossing tutoral

online magazine full of inspiration link


Monday, November 5, 2012

Chimney Rock, NC

Yesterday, November 3 we went to Chimney Rock NC.

First we stopped and had lunch by the shores of Lake Lure.
Then we drove to Chimney Rock Park.   Denny asked if there was a senior discount and they lady asked how Senior.  Three over 65 and the kid (me) So while we were waiting to park he started laughing.  They literally charged me as a kid. ha ha ha ha.
Then we walked to the Hickory Nut waterfall (Hickorynut waterfalls) where the Last of The Mohicans was filmed.
Then we walked all the way up to chimney Rock.  It was a zillion stairs.
I had ice cream.  A well deserved ice cream LOL.
We had dinner at Hannah Flanagans an irish pub restaurant.

Lake Lure

On to Chimney Rock and Hickory Nut falls

oh and Lake Lure looking over the parking lot... where we ate lunch at

and some pictures standing on top of Chimney rock or pretty durn close... after the million step climb!