A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

No 15 minute journal today

The paper pulp is still drying.
I think that paper pulp is going to take a long while for it to dry

 I could have cut out more words for the first page I was working on but instead I made Autograph books for my nephews.

I neglected to take step by step pictures but hopefully and explanation will get you on the right path if your interested in making this cute little books.  They do not have to be used for autograph books btw. 

The items you will need
1 composition book makes two books
Various Papers (I used card stock with patterns printed from my computer for the back ground and plain colored papers for the spine)
Glue stick (or if you have something that will work better then choose that)
Utility Knife
Metal ruler
Exacto knife 
Cutting Mat
Sand paper
Trash Can

First find the center of the book and draw a line  Its 9.75 for a composition book and half of that is 4.875 which is a littler over 4 3/4 and that meant foggy math to me so I took a old composition book tore out a page folded in half and used it for my guide. 

Place the book on a cutting mat.  Cut at the half way line with the utility knife and a metal ruler as your guide.  It will take several passes, you may need scissors to break thru the spine. 

 Sand down the rough edges.

Have your papers ready and apply a very thick amount of glue on the cover ... you can cover a bit of the spine if you want.  

Center your paper on it and with a bone folder press it down

Take the exacto knife and trim way excess paper using the composition cover as your guide.  Take the sand paper and go over the edges this will help to seal the paper to the cover.

Do the same for the back.

Have your coordinating spine paper ready. I use a thinner paper like copy paper.  You can use card stock but it will need to be run over the edge of the desk to make it curve a bit.  
The Skull books taught me construction paper was not a good choice for the spine that is why there is an extra piece of red strip card stock to cover up the goofs.

Decide how thick you want your spine and trip your paper to that width.  Very gently fold the spine long ways so you approx know where the center is.

Apply a liberal amount of glue stick

place the spine of the composition book in the fold you made and press the ends to the front and back.

Use the bone folder to press it down even further. 

I know there is a word for it but for the life of me I cant remember.   There is a word thieve amongst us.

Now thats just the bases.  I seen some where they have the paper folded over.  I seen some with ribbons for ties.  I seen some where its vertical instead of horizontal but remember the lines in the book will be going the wrong way.

I seen some where they use ribbon to cover the ends of the spine.  I seen lavish beads.  Its all up to your imagination. 

If you have one of those super corner chompers you might want to round the corner on  the side you cut.  You may have noticed the top half has a rounded corner at the top and the bottom half has a rounded corner at the bottom.  But I left my be cause I do not have one of those handy devices yet.

I printed out labels with just regular copy paper and glued it on and pressing it down with the bone folder again.

The trash can and the wipes... The glue is gonna make your fingers all sticky and your gonna have a lot of extra pieces that could be tossed away. 

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