A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OMG tooo funny

My sister owns a dance studio.  Its in the same strip as Bellacinos.  They serve Pizza and Grinders (sandwiches) 

So do you think Bellacinos did this on purpose?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paris Love Locks at lake Murrey

I went to search for the moon but I did not find it... instead I found this and it peaked my curiosity.  It also peeked a red headed strangers curiosity to and he asked me if I knew the story.

I wish I did but alas I did not.  He then asked some ladies walking in the opposite direction and they said it was something that was going on in Europe.

Some how this little tradition found its away across the Atlantic Ocean in a little town in SC. 

This is at Lake Murray, as you begin to cross the damn. 

While the pad locks are sparse the ones in Europe are filled.  Here is an article I found on the internet.

Paris Love Locks

I never did find the moon the clouds covered it.  What a shame too, it was suppose to be a super moon tonight and I did not get the chance to see it, let alone take pictures.

though I did manage to take quite a few pictures of the sun set, though that too was covered by clouds. 

It seems I was not the only one out there with camera in hand or tripod for that matter.  maybe they too were looking for the super moon.

Oddly enough, I spent the afternoon seeing the movie man of steel aka superman.    It was a tad over the top. 

torture collar I think not

Yes it does look like a torture collar.  I had a hard time with a dog pulling.  I mentioned it my aunts husband and he said he used this collar.  They have two very big german sheppards.

So I did the research and tested it myself. 

I had to agree with the positive feed back.  I pretty much said that a tradition collar and choker collar crushes the wind pipe but the dog still pulls.  When my dog pulls it sounds like he is choking.  So yes I agree.  The dog does not know he or she is causing undue stress on their neck.

It said with this collar the pressure is even so it minimizes any pain.  The dog also learns that when the pull it bites but when they do not pull no bite.  So they are in control of any discomfort and they will be more then likely to stop the pulling.

I first bought one for AJ... his is the one shown above.   I put it on him and with in 3 mins the pulling stopped.  He tried to pull once or twice but learned it was not pleasant.

I got Toby and Toby pulls worse then AJ.  So I had to get Toby one too.  I did test AJ on him and
I think Toby has had this collar on him before because he responded instantly.  Pulling gone.  No test pulls from Toby.

I decided to go with a different model for toby because it was a bit cheaper and instead of the chain its a nylon.  The only thing I don't like about AJs his clasp tends to pop.  The research I read even suggest putting two collars on the dog one the training collar and one slip collar and hook the leash to both.
Toby one of those black plastic buckles that snaps closes.   His will not pop open.

I got a great deal on it.  I had a 3.00 voucher for taking a survey, I had a 2.00 coupon and it was on sale.   So I saved 9 dollars on it.

I told my mom they should not be called training collars but miracle collars.  She suggest I write to them so they could change their name.

My mom so silly.

Now Im off to chase the low moon. 

Lino cutting, Japan girl and an lesson in attitude

I have been working on this lino cut for a while.  Not because it was difficult, you can tell its not.  Just finding the time and the go get them danny boy attitude was difficult.

I finally finished it.  I inked it up and started making some test prints.  They were a disaster.

Oh my second attempt is MIA... I folded the paper over and the ink smudged so there was no reason to show it.  It looked like the others 2-  especially.

Print 1
Yeah not a very successful print, right?  I noticed the ink did not go onto the brayer smoothly, it was a cheaper ink so I decided to try the smaller tube and put more pressure on it. 
Print 2 photo not available...
Still keeping with the more expensive ink I decided it needed more pressure.
Print 3
its getting closer but not quite there
Print 4
A little better but nooo
Ok here is where the attitude lesson comes in.  I am going to pause from the regularly scheduled program and tell about the workshop at work.  If I dont fall asleep that is ha ha
Dawndy Mercer Plank was the guest speaker.  I can feel safe posting this on the internet because it was posted on her facebook account and shown on TV.  I took the picture how awesome is that?  My picture on TV.  I didnt get to see it cause Duncan was feeling really bad and I took him to the vet.  His back is finally beginning to bother him.  Not unusual for a doxie but he is 15+ years old so I think he did good so far.
The gentlemen in red is Cory Jenkins, Pro baseball and Pro football player, USC (South Carolina) Graduate Dawndy Mercer Plank is the lady wearing the Black and orange dress.  The other folks work where I work. 
Dawndy Mercer Plank was speaking about attitude and how it can change the outcome of things ... and how bad things can turn into good things if you have the right attitude.
Her example is, she ran out of gas which led her to a gas station, she accidently bumped into a car backing up and the person she bumped into was able to assist her to her destination (it was across the street while her GPS told her she had 3 miles to get off the exit)
Ok... here is my bad thing, I rolled some fresh ink back onto my stamp and went to pick it up.  Boom it fell onto the carpet.. which btw is not the smartest thing to have in an artsy fartsy room.
It was the dinning room and once again I will say its not the smartest thing to have in the dining room.
I went to get a towel and put some water on it.  As I started to clean it I noticed it made a better imprint on the carpet then on my paper (wouldn't that just be the case LOL... I can laugh now cause the ink came up!)
So I remember back in my internet research that some times people put cushion under their paper to help the imprint.
I grabbed my mouse pad and stuck it under the paper and this is what I got.
Print 5
Not perfect but much much improved.  So I learned to turn a bad episode into an opportunity to learn what was going wrong with my stamping.
I grabbed a second stamp bad UGH its 1:23 AM and I should be in bed... Im going to leave that mistake in there so you can see how goofy I am,  I meant to say I grabbed a second MOUSE PAD and placed it under the paper with the first one and made another print and this is what I got...
Print 6


Saturday, June 22, 2013

I got internet ADD

I posted this to my favorite yahoo group ... art for the creative mind (link to the right.
So yesterday I was bound and determined to read my unread email and
get rid of some of the emails I read but thought I keep and would need
in the future.

2am found me pinning cards on pinterest and I was not remotely close
to be finished reading my unread emails, let alone getting rid of the
hundreds gmail says I have.  I have so many they don't even bother to
number then.  They just says its hundreds. .

I had about 15 tabs open from printerest leading me to other boards.

I decided instead of repining them I would follow them which I have
yet to figure out how following them works.  How do I find them again?

So I closed all them down and decided to carry on with my email pursuit.

Well so far I posted three things on facebook.  Shared many more.
Attempted to change my facebook cover (didn't work my profile picture
covered up a crucial part of the picture)
I sent a text message that was so lengthy it equaled 3 text.

I posted a blog post, and then updated it twice

I sent 3 or 4 emails to art for the creative minds  group (link to the left (um she means to the right) ... its an awesome group)

I took several pictures of my doggies playing and took several videos
and I merged the video clips together and made a mini movie.

I think  I have managed to read 4 messages but more 4 have come in
since then so my unread message count is still the same..

Well one of the emails I did read lead me to the cloth paper scissors
article and I related to it but ... instead of mixed media, the

Oh yeah and I created a tiny url for this link too


so if you read the article you will understand when I say if the
internet is wrong then I don't want to be right (wink)

me and the critters

can you believe two weeks ago Toby (the golden was extremely scared of AJ (the white dog)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Disaster Averted

The other day I came into my artsy fartsy room and did a Monk (If you ever seen the show you will understand what I mean)

It was quite clear one of my shelving units was crooked.   So crooked that one corner was sitting on the shoe organizer which now holds 12x12 papers thanks to the smart thinking of me by taking the middle section out. 

The screw came out of the wall and plop it went. 

It could have been worse, it could have not had the shoe organizer to sit on and all could of crashed.  There would have been glass and ink every where.

Even though I had to take everything off of it so I could fix it (thank you gorilla glue ... though that probably wasn't the best material or best move to glue the anchor and screw into the wall LOL)



Saturday, June 15, 2013

finished up my personal sketch book

I should be making a fathers day card but I don't feel like making anything right now... I feel like reading the hundreds (that is how many email gmail says I have) emails. 

I finished my own sketch book, the one with the skulls.  before I get on with the pictures I wanted to mention that I saw a car with 26 ... at least 26 could be more pirates or skull stickers.

Now if you ever popped onto my blog, you may have figured out I love skulls and peacocks ... I also have a hankering for pirates.  But not enough to sticker my car a very expensive purchase with.

Anywhoo when I was real little we went to Disney World and the Pirate of The Caribbean was my very favorite ride.  The pirate sleeping with the pigs in the  mud made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

love this book making gig

I just made this book.  It was tough.  The doggies wanted to sit on the lap.  YIKES they are way to big.  Together they come in at 120 pounds and gaining.  Goldie Locks is way to skinny... sigh...

A fathers day gift ...

I am getting almost decent at the Coptic stitching game!

I realized I put the closing strap on the wrong side, sigh.. so now the front is the back and the back is the front.  I guess it really doesn't matter except on the pattern paper some words are upside down but for this particular one it works ok.

A work in progress.  Its going to be for MEEEEEE MEEEEEE did I mention for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I need to get my craft thread.  I am going to use the same color as in the above picture.  Its going to be twice as thick so I will need twice as much :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collecting weird stuff

Here is a picture of all the weird stuff I have collected off the streets.  The purpose is to make some art with it some how some day LOL

Sunday, June 9, 2013

art related

we had a swap for making file folder mini album things over at Art for the creative minds group on yahoo.  See side bar to the right for a link.  ... First I will show you mine then share with you the two I got.  Yes two, one was a RAK ... aka random act of kindness.  Both are awesome!
I am also going to share with you my demo and a tag I made and received from another swap.

The first group was my first try.  I wanted to see if I could put a note pad in there, which I did.  I sent this one to the UK .... I got her as a swap partner for tags. 


I don't know if I have a picture of the other tags.  It had a skeleton on it and it said something about dancing with the skeletons in your closet.  I cant remember but it was a celtic saying.
Here are the tags I got... I cant remember who they are from at this moment.  I will update it when I do remember.

The next pictures are the file folder I made for the swap. 


The note pad includes a blank grid for a calendar.
The next group is from my actual swap partner, Misti.  Isnt the circus theme just grand. Filled with lots of tags too boot!
Im a big circus fan!



The next group came from the person who sent me a RAK , from Danita... I got to ask her how she did those tags... AWESOME!

if your interested in the tutorial, here it is from youtube... but check the link below the video
because I think the typed out instructions clears up some folding confusion.