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Sunday, June 23, 2013

torture collar I think not

Yes it does look like a torture collar.  I had a hard time with a dog pulling.  I mentioned it my aunts husband and he said he used this collar.  They have two very big german sheppards.

So I did the research and tested it myself. 

I had to agree with the positive feed back.  I pretty much said that a tradition collar and choker collar crushes the wind pipe but the dog still pulls.  When my dog pulls it sounds like he is choking.  So yes I agree.  The dog does not know he or she is causing undue stress on their neck.

It said with this collar the pressure is even so it minimizes any pain.  The dog also learns that when the pull it bites but when they do not pull no bite.  So they are in control of any discomfort and they will be more then likely to stop the pulling.

I first bought one for AJ... his is the one shown above.   I put it on him and with in 3 mins the pulling stopped.  He tried to pull once or twice but learned it was not pleasant.

I got Toby and Toby pulls worse then AJ.  So I had to get Toby one too.  I did test AJ on him and
I think Toby has had this collar on him before because he responded instantly.  Pulling gone.  No test pulls from Toby.

I decided to go with a different model for toby because it was a bit cheaper and instead of the chain its a nylon.  The only thing I don't like about AJs his clasp tends to pop.  The research I read even suggest putting two collars on the dog one the training collar and one slip collar and hook the leash to both.
Toby one of those black plastic buckles that snaps closes.   His will not pop open.

I got a great deal on it.  I had a 3.00 voucher for taking a survey, I had a 2.00 coupon and it was on sale.   So I saved 9 dollars on it.

I told my mom they should not be called training collars but miracle collars.  She suggest I write to them so they could change their name.

My mom so silly.

Now Im off to chase the low moon. 

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