A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, October 27, 2014

What is on your art table?

The same projects as last week LOL

Then I did a few more things.

I finished this journal page.  I used the same video technique in the journal page with the taxi cabs.  You can see it in a few post below.
The materials that I used were Reeves water color marker
Strathmore Student water color paper taped to a foam core board
Ultra fine sharpie marker
Prismacolor pencils
Plus a pencil and eraser to do the sketch. 

It is for a swap, wonky houses...

I should have been working on my 4x4 card with alcohol splashes but I had an idea for the journal page so I went with that first.
Then I did a youtube search for alcohol splashes and found this video...


She amused me when she tried to dry the paper LOL.  Anyway I subscribed.
I did not mix it till I got the third try
I tried my hand at making some papers.
As she said the first print is more vibrant.  I added ink three times and made 2 prints each time I added ink.  I will mark which print it was in the caption.  Blogger did not upload them in order.  I used 8x11.5 card stock for the first two inking prints then I changed size and paper only because it was what I had that was handy. 
This is the 2nd time I added ink and the second print

this is the 1 time I added ink and the first time I printed

This is the 2nd time I added ink but first print of the ink I think this one is my favorite

This is the first time I added the ink but second print
This is the third time I added ink but the second print.  This is the only
time I used water color paper because I had it handy. This one might be
my second favorite.

This is the third time I added ink and the first print This is a scrap piece
of card stock I pulled out of my scrap drawer.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What is on your art table

Well I skipped last week because it was a complete disaster and I was to lazy to take pictures and I went to the fair and blah blah blah...
My grandma would say I had more excuses then carter has pills
I thought she meant President Carter
but nope apparently there is this company called carters pills that sold liver pills and apparently the sold a lot of them.
im not doing much art this weekend I am doing some very over due cleaning up... I unearthed the dinning room table, that is a good thing
so with out further ado here is what is on my art table
Technically my cat Singapore was on my art table when I took the photo so he counts LOL
You can not perfect on such art though his mustache would make somebody with OCD (everybody has a touch of it I believe) a little bonkers!
These two bottles, one was a wine bottle the other a Christmas candy jar.   I used this tutorial  Skip to the last one I think


I have some skeletons and chain I want to finish it up with..
The next thing that is on my art table is the beginning of a birthday gift.  I am ashamed to say her birthday is in July but I havent seen her since then and that is when Kathryn got married and I hadnt had time to do anything.
Yes its going to be another crayon melt piece of art.  I took it upside down so imagine the crayons on top.
It is going to be a scene from the lion king.
I am going to transfer the words Hakuna Matata on it and find silhouettes of animals and gut them out with my cricut holding umbrellas. 
While I wasnt looking I think the kitty was enjoying some of that wine ha ha ha
He is so cheeky he is winky at me LOL

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breast Cancer T-Shirts

So I posted a while ago that I joined a swap for art for the creative minds and made this converse shoe shaped card in honor of breast cancer.
I sent it to my partner and thought that would be the end of my pink converse shoe...
here is the post
Then I got volunteered to come up with a slogan for the campaign at work.
I immediately thought of the cards theme walk tall.  Peeps at work loved it.  I showed them the card.  They loved it.
So I was volunteered to make another shoe for the t shirt and this is the back of the shirt. 
I cant post the front because Im not allowed to :-)   Its just a logo of where I work no big deal.
I had nothing to do with it LOL.
The words at the bottom were added on after I drew the picture.  It represents the shoe walking all over cancer.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Me made into a comic girl

Not really sure what Manga is but I that is what I first thought of when I was working on this journal page.
The theme was to either alter your own picture or that of your swap partner.  I choose me.
Here is the original picture.  I actually shared this before but I went in a totally different direction and I was using my prismacolored pencils which I am loving more and more and more!
I was either in kindergarten or first grade.  I am thinking first grade though. 
Today I wouldnt be caught dead in a sleeveless shirt LOL. 
Here is the color page I made

I will be honest I did not free hand drew it.  I took the above photo into paint shop pro, I made a new layer and used my bamboo tablet and drew an outline of myself.  I then deleted the bottom layer.

I decided to give me a new nose, remove my star, give me some animated eyes and lips.  I also changed my outfit.

I am not really sure why I went with rainbow brite.  This was before her time LOL and I was never a rainbow brite fan.

I guess it would have looked silly to stick he-man or liono on there and a little hard to color since they are much more detailed.

I probably should have gone with hello kitty on retrospect.  Though hello kitty was around, not quite as popular as they are today.  I wasn't really a big fan of them either LOL.

Oh yeah I added a moon too. 

I messed up on her pony tail on this one.   the one to the left was suppose to be back ground not hair. 

I needed to make two so the second one does not have the goof up...