A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 12, 2015

Haaaa haaa my idea has been ruined

So I was thinking rainbow for my 4x4 chunky color cover but um this kind of ruined that for me LOL

I cant get the porta potty out of my thoughts LOL 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Heart Journal Swap

I received this ages ago and never got around to posting it. 

This also came from Christina H.

with flash

with out flash


I did not plan on joining the Finnabair swap but a member of the artist for creative minds name got left off the swap so I joined so she would have a partner. 

Here is the canvas she sent me...

with the flash on

with the flash off
She mentioned she did not have a lot of art supplies but I think she did a pretty good job for not having much material to work with.

My swap partner was Christina and here is her bog...


I made two of them one for myself and one for my swap partner...

Here is the one that I am sending

Here is the one I am keeping

This is a case of you have to see it in person because I think something gets lost in the photo 

The necklace came from somebody in the group from art for the creative mind.  I cant remember who sent it to me.  I wish I could.  I apologize.  It says Love with a pearl as the O.

Here is a link to the image I used...


Here is a video that inspired me to make this...

Lifebook 2015 Week 2

For the last two years I have heard people rave about life book but never joined.  This year it was a Christmas gift and I joined. 

I did not do week one yet.  I was working on my finnabair swap which I will be posting in a minute. 

Here it the tag I made .... I use the words Carry On cause that is some times the only thing that can be done...

The next is a jar that you put good things in.  I actually have been doing this for several years now but it put it in a regular mason jar.  Never dawned on me to jazz one up.
I do have a issue with the jar.. there were two good things that happened but they turned out not so good at the end.  Do I remove them?
Shrugs... anyway the jar is not complete.  I want to add a mini canvas hanging from a chain behind the charms that I already have on the jar.
I also want to know that is not the green I was going for.  I wanted a softer patina kind of like the statue of liberty kind of green. 
Ha ha Crayola should totally make a crayon the color of the statue of liberty and call it that!

I glued on decorative paper scraps, tissue paper, book pages, music pages, sewing pattern papers and washi tape.  I then varnished the jar.  I first tried alcohol inks on the lid but it still was too shiney so I found some patina inks.  Bonus they were 50 percent off at Hobby Lobby.  I used that.  I liked it better but still would have preferred a blue light green. 

Oh the wonderful charm came from a swapper from art of the creative minds maybe Barbara D.  I cant remember though. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

magazine review Cloth Paper and Scissors January/February 2015

Cloth Paper and Scissors January February 2015 Issue 

I picked this one up even though the cover did not speak to me.  I am not a fabric artist kind of person but its Cloth Paper and Scissors.  Its got collage and mixed media etc.  I am sure I can find some nuggets of good information in there so lets begin read it!
This is me talking after I read the magazine.  I did not have as much fun with it as I did with the HGTV but that was I thought HGTV was kind of silly and thought everybody was made of money.  If they were subscribing they probably could not afford a designer so that meant they were not made of money duh LOL.  I did get loads of ids and like I mention its full of ideas and inspirations for the wonderers...
I like Fiskars add… The art of doing…

Interesting there is a new column called make your mark.  Isnt that what Mark Motano I cant spell calls is youtube channel? 

I would love to have the video workshop Stitch this book on page13

Oooh painting on yoga matts what a novel idea page 15

One day I dream of going to a CHA show

Splash inks page 17 wonder if you can put them in a spray bottle.  Wonder if you can put ink in a spray bottle.  I wonder a lot of things

Like the techniques especially for backgrounds ATC art journal pages in the art mojo article on page 20

Making your mark (snicker) unconventional tools for printmaking. Now you’re talking! Page 24  Things like corks, tubes tea bags I always look at my shaving cream top as a good print making tool! 

Nice article about art murals … would love one in an art room peacocks LOL It is a program that helps offenders and victims heal thru art page 26

Own your own voice.  I think I have stumbled on my style doodle with black and light blues.  It is what makes me happy.  It is interesting with all the magazines that I read and videos that I watch etc there are some mixed media artist that I look at and say oh that must be so and so’s work and it is.  Pam Carriker is one.  Claudine Helmouth is one.  I would say Teesha Moore but there are so many copying her that its hard to tell if its her or a copy of her.  Traci Bautista is one …  Yep that is so me it says we hoard special supplies…. I ended up selling all my graphic 45 papers because I knew I would never cut into it, so instead of keeping it I sold it and bought something I would use  Page 32

Maybe one day I will share the shoe polish technique with them page 39

Free Style patchwork… now that is what was on the cover.  I like the colors and the raw edges.  I wonder if it can be incorporated into book making covers.   Makes you wonder more doesn’t it.  Magazines are great inspiration for the wonderers.  Page 54

Faux faces … Page 60 … not sure if I like this one or not.  I mean the idea is good but the example looked odd when they were done.  Also I do not have any pan pastels.  I wish I could buy art supplies locally but there isn’t much available here.  Several big box stores and then we have one art store.  Its two floor gallery with the art store in the basement.   Years ago I remember there were several art stores.  There was one in the mall.  One in boozer shopping center and one in five points.  All gone now. 

According graffiti journal page 65.  Doesn’t that sound delightful.  It does but the project did not inspire me.  Well one side did the inside.  The outside not really.  Oh well.  Different strokes for different folks I guess. 

Artistic Salvage page 76.  This speaks to me in a  few ways.  Especially the sorting.  I do love to sort things.  Is that weird?  My favorite part of doing the dishes… well it’s the find that I like the best … dishes isn’t a favorite past time of mine in anyway… sorting the flatware in there right bins… but oddly enough I hate sorting clothes to wash LOL.  I am a paradox of my own making.  Is that the right word?  Anyway I have started collecting things and I do sort them.  Not quite as precise as hers.  Game pieces are sorted but not down to monopoly houses and scrabble tiles.   I also collect things on my walks and got them in big bins.  Not really sure how to sort them.  Maybe hard ware versus misc junk.  Now to figure on a project to use it on.  Lets think about using one of those jewelry boxes I have LOL.

Oooh Mixed media challenge… Maps… I use to draw my own maps of my own island with my own world.  I got to think more on that.  Its due by March 6.  I missed the sugar skulls which I wanted to do last year.  Page 88

Well I made it to the end of another magazine.  I got several more to read.  I probably will read some back issues indepth too. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Magazine Review HGTV Magazine December 2014

This post, and hoping there will be many more like this in the future is about my perspective on the many magazines I read.  I am a dork I don't subscribe to any but purchase many :-)

This first edition is an Odd one because it is HGTV Magazine December 20114.  Its not a magazine I would purchase myself but it was given to me to collage and get any ideas from... so on with the Magazine perspective

So I didn't get very far before something caught my attention on page 14.  It was COPY OUR COVER! 

They had a lovely small tree with black red white and turquoise ornaments on it.    They gave resource links to where you get the decorations.  Lets not worry about the links lets explore the price LOL!

The garland is 5 feet tall and 15.00.  I bought mine at the dollar tree.  I am five feet tall and I am short.  You will at least need two.  Maybe three, even though it is a small tree.

The first ornament they listed was from Kate Spade.   $$$$$$$$  30.00 each.  I counted 8 and that is just the front. 

Then there is the turquois or a set of red each came in a set of 7 for 8 bucks.  Walmart has them for 2.88, I got them 75 percent off and paid .74 cents for them. 

Then there was the Sea glass.  Set of 12 for 49.99.  Then there was the red with the white snow glitter 16.50 for four.  I got mine for 74 cents or at good will for .25 cents on clearance.

Wrapping paper  Who in the heck pays 15.00 for a role of wrapping paper.  Good will 19 cents on clearance.  Walmart on clearance .50.  Not on clearance 1.00 to 4.00

Now the next item takes the cake.  Yes they spent 240.00 on ornaments that we can see but really?  A waste paper basket for 160.00?  The tree sits in it.  You put wet sand or gravel at the bottom of this WAY OVER PRICED trash can.  Walmart 6.00 bucks.  Not a penny more! 

Ok so we move to the editorial page  (16) .... they are now talking about wallet friendly buys.  They obviously were not talking about page 14

Crush Oreo cookies and cream cheese (how do you crush cream cheese?)
Roll into balls
Dip into chocolate
find recipe at pinterest.com/oreo  Like I need more ways to eat oreos LOL

So according to How bad is it (I think I like this column the best) its not bad if you don't warm up your car.  I only do it because of frost on the windows.  Its older cars that need to let the oil circulate thru the engine... Good to know!

On page 30 to make your tree look professional (when did tree décor become a profession?) decorate top down trunk to branch.  Well oooops I am such an amateur.

Vern has a to do list right onpage 32 for December.  I like his thinking!  He says wait a few days after Christmas and buy rolls of Christmas paper.  Look for things not to Holidayish..  Hey my five rolls of polka dot paper will work on any occasion but I wouldn't wait a few days or it will be all picked over!

FYI starting on page 36 their gift guide is wacked out LOL  I wont even bother...

Ok maybe I will a dog bed for 126 bucks.  If your dog is like mine, that dog bed just because a 126 chew toy.   These gifts are not wallet friendly though they do have gifts from target and world market.  I personally believe Target is not as fabulous as the uber sheek 20 something crowd thinks it is. 

OOoh now we are getting to something interesting DIY gifts....  Page 45 ... I can dig the embroidery hoop picture frames.  I like photo gifts!   I like they print them in black and white on printable fabric which I tried to find one ... no go.  ah ha they have a web site 5 sheets for 20.00 bucks.  Better do test prints first!  Actually I think I would prefer to do matt gel transfer on duct cloth ... similar to canvas.  It might be canvas.  Bought a bunch of it before Walmart pulled all their fabric.  I see they are starting to add it back in.  Not my Walmart though.  Bummer.    Back the black and white photo they had bling in color like gems for necklaces, pom poms for hat toppers jingle bells for a dog collar. 

I also like the jute coasters.  I might have to try that.

At first I did not think I was going to dig the woodland chandleholder.  I don't think it does much as a gift but I like the craft anyway. 

I do like the knit wrapped bracelets but come on, the socks you are suppose to put them in, 18 bucks a pair.  NEVER MIND. 

I just cant imagine paying 550 800 or 999 on a Christmas tree even if I did win the lottery page 58

Still looking for wallet friendly even in the hi low cost.  The low is still to much for me LOL.   One of descriptions says score 2 for less then 500 (chairs) how about score 4 chairs at good will for 10 bucks and they are way more comfier then the originals.  Had to talk mom into these and they matched perfectly!  Not to mention two of them had arms. 

Love the DIY tassels with jingle bells on page 73 hate the freeze dried boxwood moose head for 169 on the same page LOL

Love the real estate spy .... real gingerbread houses (the kind you can live in not eat or decorate... who eats gingerbread houses anyway ick) on page 79 My fav is the one in Osceola IA

Like the DIY for the umbrella on page 87 even though the color and the design isn't my thing.  I can make it moi if I choose to do it

Oooh I like the stockings on page 88-89  you down load the template at hgtv.com/stocking ...  checking to see if its still there so I can download my own!  BRB

Yep still there... here is a link and how too of what the finished stockings looked like in the magazine

Im not a foodie or a food giftie ha ha but I like the dipped pretzel idea on page 117 and like the way its presented in a compartmentalized bakery box.  So where does one get these and are the pricey?

ha ha ha Lindemans has the best add...

The headline said let it glow let it glow let it glow... I think I have frozen overload because I was singing it to let it go...

then I realized it was let it snow har har har...

 wow... the magazine says poinsettias are not poisonous and she gave my purty one away a long time ago because the cat was looking at it like he wanted to nibble.  It will cause a tummy ache it said.

Ok I made it to the back cover of this magazine.  I did not find one wallet friendly Christmas décor.  I feel cheated. If I paid for the magazine I would ask for my money back ha ha

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What I been doing over the last several months

Yes I admit it, I have not posted since October.  I will not apologize.  My blog ha ha.  Don't I sound snotty.  I don't understand why people apologize for not keeping up with their blog.  Shrugs.

Well anyway here is what has kept me away.  Be warned its a long one.  Mostly pictures and some text to explain some of the projects....



A Halloween card I colored with Prisma colored pencils for my secret Sister.  I was pretty sure this one might give me away.  They are my favorite material.   I think I used the cheaper brand and tried to pretend I did not have the more $$$ for the more expensive brand (I do have the good stuff but that's only because I saved a lot of gift cards that were given to me as gifts for amazon)
I waited to post it till we were revealed!

This next card might seem like an odd card to give to your boss for bosses day but she liked it LOL.  I found this awesome Marilyn Monroe color page and used my prisma pencils and well I liked how it turned out...

Altered Cigar Box

These are before photos of a cigar box I got at goodwill.  I personally thought they charged to
much for them.  They had about 10-15 of them but I wanted it so bad so I bought 1

It was for a gift and I altered it a bit...

I lined it with red upholstery and put gold doll heads on the bottom for feet. 
Nothing to fancy but I think it made it that much nicer

Faux Bubble Gum Machine

This was for my moms birthday.  It was kind of a challenge.  To make her something with out having to buy one item.  Well I did buy the dark chocolate M&Ms that I put in them.  Its the ones with peanuts.  DELICIOUS! 

So it inspired me to make four more for my co workers.  Lets break down the cost

1 bowl 1.00  (dollar tree, they have two sizes I got the larger one)
1 - 4 inch flower pot .78
1 - 4 inch saucer   .78
1 Wingnut .25 cents (home depot, in a package of 4 for a 1.00 ish)
1 doll head (already owned so I don't know the cost)
tube of E-6000 (already owned I think its 3.97 a tube not sure, it might be 2.97 at Walmart)
Craft paint (.50 cents at Walmart if you do not use metallic which I did for the work ones, I already owned that too btw)
Polyurethane about 6.50 per a small can which I already owned and you barely use any 
bottle cap free (I did not use it on my mothers I saw somebody use it on youtube and liked it better)

If you are an artist and a craft you already have the glue and paint and varnish so the other materials will cost you about 3.00ish.  Not a bad co worker gift.  Of course I had to add chocolate and bought a 9.00 back of Hershey kisses divide that by 4 .. about 2.25ish  So your about at 5.00

Here they are with out further ado

Note my mothers bowl did come from the dollar tree several years ago so hers is bigger...

another note... don't buy the candy ahead of time you will end up eating it and having to go buy another bag ha ha ha

I made two extra ones.  The one on the right I was experimenting with a different shape.  I had to use two more saucers so it makes it about 1.60 more

The one on the right I wanted a big one for me but the lid was to small so I glued another lid on it and now its to big.  I haven't finished painting it so maybe it will look better.  I think if I put silver candies in it, it willy really pop

I got the bigger bowl at hobby lobby when the glass was 50 percent off.  I used a 6 inch flower pot instead of a 4 inch.  Same with the saucer. 

 There are loads and loads of tutorials out there for it but its pretty simple to do glue stuff together...

 The lady is silly it wasn't hard to find, she wanted the from a dollar store which is silly because the pots are sold less then a dollar at home depot or lowes...

Ornaments for work and the gift bag

I made 5 different styles of ornaments.  I put two different styles in each bag.  One larger ornament and one smaller ornament.

I collected ornaments when they were on clearance and from thrift shops.

I removed the top loop.
I used half elmers glue and half water and made some diy decoupage medium
I tore up papers ...
the papers I used were
book text
archie comic books
music sheets

I dipped the paper into the mixture and glued it on the ornament.  I tried brushing it on but it was much easier to get messy

I stuck them on a skewer and stuck them in Styrofoam and let them dry. 

Before they were completely dry I did add more diy mixture over them to seal the papers down better and put them back to dry

After they were dry I used a varnish and varnished them except for some of the texted one.  I had  added soft snow like glitter to some of those before the glue mixture was dry and that made the 5th style
I let dry again

I cut ribbon and tied it to a tooth pick in half.  I decided to add a dab of hot glue so the ribbon will stay on the tooth pick.  I put the tooth pick into the ornament vertical and let it rest horizontal so it got stuck and would not come back out.
I put the top back on and decided it needed help to stay affixed so I used a bit of hot glue.

I got two blisters over the process.
This was one of the longest projects because I had to do 60 ornaments and make the bags..

For most of the bags I ran them thru my laser jet printer and printed coloring book pages
I used my prisma colored pencils to color them.  Prisma pencils do well on colored paper as you can see

Some I did use color pages like the reindeer I used a hand made pom pom for the nose and the snowman I just free hand him and same for the santa coat.  I used quilting batting for the fur.

Those came from this video...

I punch holes and slid in a candy cane with a punched tag.

The ugly Christmas Sweater contest

Ha ha my star went wonky on me

fixing the star

Explaining the sweater

I kind of went to town on this puppy LOL  I did win though LOL

Crayon art work

This was for my cousins baby birthday gift yes her birthday was in July and I was a wee bit late.  She lives in Atlanta and when I went to do it the one time it snowed (first day of November go figure LOL) and the internet went down so I could not get the images

It went with the Simba stuffed animal and book I got from Khols

Personalized Monopoly Jr Game

digital file
I scoured the thrift stores for monopoly jr games so I could have the board and the pieces
For the box I painted the bottom blue.  I mod podged with the same diy mixture as the ornaments monopoly money on the cover.  I covered in the craft varnish.
I made personal chance cards.  I renamed them the Conner Chance Lucas Owen cards because they were called Chance cards and one of the cousins were named Chance and I didn't want the other three to feel like I was leaving them out LOL. I covered them in contact paper
I printed monopoly money I Felt like a real forger LOL.  If you want the word doc for the money let me know.  Just print with pastel color papers and cut out.
Oh I almost forgot about the board.  I created the file in paint shop pro pretty easy to do actually.  I had it printed at office depot.  Printing two was more economical then printing one.  Because they do it by the square footage and 1 takes two square footages while two only takes three. 
I messed one up by putting varnish on it and you could see the board underneath.
So I had to redo.  I had an extra board to use hanging on my wall so I used that.  Later I found the board at goodwill to replace the one I used off the wall

Altered cork board
 This was another altered goodwill find. I took a cork board, it was in pretty bad shape
I painted it black then varnished it
My mother saves me all her wine corks and I glued them on with e 6000
How easy is that?

Well first before you glue set the corks up so you make sure you have enough and pick the pattern you want and place the wording how you want it and place the different brands of corks on how you like it. I used the same brands for the vertical and mixed the brands horizontal.

Knitted Scarf

I got really sick during the middle of the month of December and it prevented me from doing a lot of projects.  I couldn't stand cause I had no energy but when I was sitting I was fine.  This enabled me to knit.  I knitted four scarves in that time.

Unfortunately I do don't have pictures of two of them.

The other one I did take a picture of was for my nephew he wanted a red and white one so I made him a candy cane striped scarf.  I then got him a pete the cat stuffed animal and made pete a scarf to match.  I also got him a 4 pete the cat books for his birthday.  You can see one in the background

A link to the pattern is below.  You will need to sign up on their www site...

If that does not work go to www.lionbrand.com and do a search for Candy Cane Scarf

I uses homespun yarn.  The white is discontinued but I happened to have some.  You can use any white color really, you don't really have to use homespun.  If you do not use homespun you can use traditional fringe.  You have to knit the fringe for homespun because it unravels.

Altered Jewelry box
oh this is one of my fav projects I kept it for myself!

I started off by taking off the hardware
I basically sanded it some.  I thought I would be on a time crunch because I wanted it done by Christmas but then I ended up keeping it ha ha.

I would have sanded it more or I would have tried to remove some of the varnish off.

Anyway I still loved how it came out.

I primed it with a couple coats of paint
I painted it blue
I used crackle medium over the blue following the directions on the bottle
I painted it cream

the magic happened

I lined the box with a floral blue material instead of the yuckie pink that was in it
I glued on flowers on the top and added the key which made me want to change the knobs.
I was going to put the original knobs back on but I remembered Walmart had knobs that would match the key.

I realized now I probably should not have painted the inside because it does stick a bit so lesson learned there. 
I wish I could find a picture of the original box.  Its a different sort of box.  The top is bigger then the bottom.  There is enough room to hold note cards and in the drawers the plan was to put stamps and a fancy pen.
I put the note card, stamps and fancy pen in a photo box and gave that as the gift instead.  I couldn't give this one away!

Snowman from glass bowls

I made this for my mom for her birthday.  I saw it at Michaels between 50-100 dollars depending on the size.  Really?  Its quite obvious what it is and how to make it was SOOO simple. 

The two bottom bowls I got from Hobby lobby.  Guess what Michaels was out of bowls go figure LOLOL

The smaller one was the larger size at the dollar tree.  The size at hobby lobby was to small.

I stuck batting in each bowl.
I did not want to have to glue the bowls together but I did because they kept falling over.  I used e 6000.  This would be the one time I think a hot glue gun would be ok so you can pop them off and store them better if you would like.

I used my Martha stewart  paper button punch and punched out the black buttons.  Its probably my favorite punch ever

I made the nose from air dry clay. I painted it orange and glued it on with e 600  The nephew that was sporting the new scarf "accidently" popped his nose off so my moms husband used a yellow glue (rolling my eyes LOL) to glue it back on

I knitted him a scarf

I used google eyes for his eyeballs

The hardest part was the hat.  It was an empty tape roll painted black... nope that is not right I glued on black card stock and I glued a piece of black card on the top.  I cut notches around the circle and glued them inside the tape roll so it would stay.  I think the base is a piece of matt board that hobby lobby use to sell as scrap.  They stop selling scrap matt board which is a same.  I really like using that stuff.

stuffed owl Pillow

Yes I sewed a pillow ha ha

I used this as inspiration...

The new owner of the Pillow checking it out... she is the same recipient of the crayon Lion King artwork. 

Mind Craft Pillows

I made one each for my nephews.  Due to the lack of interest and gratitude for getting a hand made gift from the oldest nephew the youngest nephew got both of them.

The oldest nephew is in the back ground. 
I will not go into detail on how I made them, you can watch the video below.  I sewed them because my nephews are harsh on stuff and it would not of lasted that hot glue method. 
One other note... don't let you dog get sick on the sewing machine pedal.  It shorts it out and the machine starts sewing on its own.  It eventually fixed itself but it made for some interesting late night adventures....

Art Journal Page Textured Hearts

Ok so this is not a gift at all, this was a swap long over due...

I used white card stock as a base.  I should have used a cereal box.  I think I ended up stapling a cereal box on it.

I glued down tim holtz tissue paper

I used gelatos red and smeared it on the background

I cut out shapes of hearts from denim.  Different sizes I used both the right and wrong side of the fabric

I stamped some wings onto music paper and glued them underneath the wings

I punched out the quote on that old dynamo label maker
I want to Touch the Heart of the world and make it smile.


1. Scarf knitted in read and blue like the candy stripped on with yellow fringe for Kansas colors

2. Scarf knitted in fun fur for Sue C. Secret Sister swap

3. Dum Dum Bouquet

similar to this one... I am trying to get a picture of it

4. Snow ball fight kit I used a box instead of a tin bucket and glued a handle on it and a door knob...

both 3 and 4 tutorials can be seen in this video

5. family calendar I made that via Walmart www site since it was only 12.00 oh what a nightmare  At the time I ordered them you could only select two walmarts.  So I selected the one closest to me.  They were suppose to be done that day but I went to pick them up the next day.  The photo person did not have them nor could she find them in her system and that was that.  She literally ignored me standing there from that moment on.  I pushed it to talk to a manager.  He said I had to cancel online and I may or may not get my money back.  So we went over his head to another manager and she was even worse then the lady at the photo department.    They suggested we call the 1800 number there was only a 30 minute wait and they wouldn't do it.  My mother took over the issue and called the next day.  They had resubmit the order and then they paid me back. 
The sad thing is a week later I had to completely close that account because it was hacked.  I lost all the projects I had made.

If I ever get a color laser jet printer I will be printing them at home again. 

6. My sisters photo book for her wedding. It was actually her birthday gift but I never got it done.  I used this tutorial. 

I made it larger with 12x12 paper.  I mimicked her guest book which can be seen here...

I am trying to get photos of the guest book and sucker bouquet but my sister is getting old and must have already gone to bed LOL

She is 11 years younger then me ha ha