A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, January 8, 2015

magazine review Cloth Paper and Scissors January/February 2015

Cloth Paper and Scissors January February 2015 Issue 

I picked this one up even though the cover did not speak to me.  I am not a fabric artist kind of person but its Cloth Paper and Scissors.  Its got collage and mixed media etc.  I am sure I can find some nuggets of good information in there so lets begin read it!
This is me talking after I read the magazine.  I did not have as much fun with it as I did with the HGTV but that was I thought HGTV was kind of silly and thought everybody was made of money.  If they were subscribing they probably could not afford a designer so that meant they were not made of money duh LOL.  I did get loads of ids and like I mention its full of ideas and inspirations for the wonderers...
I like Fiskars add… The art of doing…

Interesting there is a new column called make your mark.  Isnt that what Mark Motano I cant spell calls is youtube channel? 

I would love to have the video workshop Stitch this book on page13

Oooh painting on yoga matts what a novel idea page 15

One day I dream of going to a CHA show

Splash inks page 17 wonder if you can put them in a spray bottle.  Wonder if you can put ink in a spray bottle.  I wonder a lot of things

Like the techniques especially for backgrounds ATC art journal pages in the art mojo article on page 20

Making your mark (snicker) unconventional tools for printmaking. Now you’re talking! Page 24  Things like corks, tubes tea bags I always look at my shaving cream top as a good print making tool! 

Nice article about art murals … would love one in an art room peacocks LOL It is a program that helps offenders and victims heal thru art page 26

Own your own voice.  I think I have stumbled on my style doodle with black and light blues.  It is what makes me happy.  It is interesting with all the magazines that I read and videos that I watch etc there are some mixed media artist that I look at and say oh that must be so and so’s work and it is.  Pam Carriker is one.  Claudine Helmouth is one.  I would say Teesha Moore but there are so many copying her that its hard to tell if its her or a copy of her.  Traci Bautista is one …  Yep that is so me it says we hoard special supplies…. I ended up selling all my graphic 45 papers because I knew I would never cut into it, so instead of keeping it I sold it and bought something I would use  Page 32

Maybe one day I will share the shoe polish technique with them page 39

Free Style patchwork… now that is what was on the cover.  I like the colors and the raw edges.  I wonder if it can be incorporated into book making covers.   Makes you wonder more doesn’t it.  Magazines are great inspiration for the wonderers.  Page 54

Faux faces … Page 60 … not sure if I like this one or not.  I mean the idea is good but the example looked odd when they were done.  Also I do not have any pan pastels.  I wish I could buy art supplies locally but there isn’t much available here.  Several big box stores and then we have one art store.  Its two floor gallery with the art store in the basement.   Years ago I remember there were several art stores.  There was one in the mall.  One in boozer shopping center and one in five points.  All gone now. 

According graffiti journal page 65.  Doesn’t that sound delightful.  It does but the project did not inspire me.  Well one side did the inside.  The outside not really.  Oh well.  Different strokes for different folks I guess. 

Artistic Salvage page 76.  This speaks to me in a  few ways.  Especially the sorting.  I do love to sort things.  Is that weird?  My favorite part of doing the dishes… well it’s the find that I like the best … dishes isn’t a favorite past time of mine in anyway… sorting the flatware in there right bins… but oddly enough I hate sorting clothes to wash LOL.  I am a paradox of my own making.  Is that the right word?  Anyway I have started collecting things and I do sort them.  Not quite as precise as hers.  Game pieces are sorted but not down to monopoly houses and scrabble tiles.   I also collect things on my walks and got them in big bins.  Not really sure how to sort them.  Maybe hard ware versus misc junk.  Now to figure on a project to use it on.  Lets think about using one of those jewelry boxes I have LOL.

Oooh Mixed media challenge… Maps… I use to draw my own maps of my own island with my own world.  I got to think more on that.  Its due by March 6.  I missed the sugar skulls which I wanted to do last year.  Page 88

Well I made it to the end of another magazine.  I got several more to read.  I probably will read some back issues indepth too. 

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