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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Magazine Review HGTV Magazine December 2014

This post, and hoping there will be many more like this in the future is about my perspective on the many magazines I read.  I am a dork I don't subscribe to any but purchase many :-)

This first edition is an Odd one because it is HGTV Magazine December 20114.  Its not a magazine I would purchase myself but it was given to me to collage and get any ideas from... so on with the Magazine perspective

So I didn't get very far before something caught my attention on page 14.  It was COPY OUR COVER! 

They had a lovely small tree with black red white and turquoise ornaments on it.    They gave resource links to where you get the decorations.  Lets not worry about the links lets explore the price LOL!

The garland is 5 feet tall and 15.00.  I bought mine at the dollar tree.  I am five feet tall and I am short.  You will at least need two.  Maybe three, even though it is a small tree.

The first ornament they listed was from Kate Spade.   $$$$$$$$  30.00 each.  I counted 8 and that is just the front. 

Then there is the turquois or a set of red each came in a set of 7 for 8 bucks.  Walmart has them for 2.88, I got them 75 percent off and paid .74 cents for them. 

Then there was the Sea glass.  Set of 12 for 49.99.  Then there was the red with the white snow glitter 16.50 for four.  I got mine for 74 cents or at good will for .25 cents on clearance.

Wrapping paper  Who in the heck pays 15.00 for a role of wrapping paper.  Good will 19 cents on clearance.  Walmart on clearance .50.  Not on clearance 1.00 to 4.00

Now the next item takes the cake.  Yes they spent 240.00 on ornaments that we can see but really?  A waste paper basket for 160.00?  The tree sits in it.  You put wet sand or gravel at the bottom of this WAY OVER PRICED trash can.  Walmart 6.00 bucks.  Not a penny more! 

Ok so we move to the editorial page  (16) .... they are now talking about wallet friendly buys.  They obviously were not talking about page 14

Crush Oreo cookies and cream cheese (how do you crush cream cheese?)
Roll into balls
Dip into chocolate
find recipe at pinterest.com/oreo  Like I need more ways to eat oreos LOL

So according to How bad is it (I think I like this column the best) its not bad if you don't warm up your car.  I only do it because of frost on the windows.  Its older cars that need to let the oil circulate thru the engine... Good to know!

On page 30 to make your tree look professional (when did tree décor become a profession?) decorate top down trunk to branch.  Well oooops I am such an amateur.

Vern has a to do list right onpage 32 for December.  I like his thinking!  He says wait a few days after Christmas and buy rolls of Christmas paper.  Look for things not to Holidayish..  Hey my five rolls of polka dot paper will work on any occasion but I wouldn't wait a few days or it will be all picked over!

FYI starting on page 36 their gift guide is wacked out LOL  I wont even bother...

Ok maybe I will a dog bed for 126 bucks.  If your dog is like mine, that dog bed just because a 126 chew toy.   These gifts are not wallet friendly though they do have gifts from target and world market.  I personally believe Target is not as fabulous as the uber sheek 20 something crowd thinks it is. 

OOoh now we are getting to something interesting DIY gifts....  Page 45 ... I can dig the embroidery hoop picture frames.  I like photo gifts!   I like they print them in black and white on printable fabric which I tried to find one ... no go.  ah ha they have a web site 5 sheets for 20.00 bucks.  Better do test prints first!  Actually I think I would prefer to do matt gel transfer on duct cloth ... similar to canvas.  It might be canvas.  Bought a bunch of it before Walmart pulled all their fabric.  I see they are starting to add it back in.  Not my Walmart though.  Bummer.    Back the black and white photo they had bling in color like gems for necklaces, pom poms for hat toppers jingle bells for a dog collar. 

I also like the jute coasters.  I might have to try that.

At first I did not think I was going to dig the woodland chandleholder.  I don't think it does much as a gift but I like the craft anyway. 

I do like the knit wrapped bracelets but come on, the socks you are suppose to put them in, 18 bucks a pair.  NEVER MIND. 

I just cant imagine paying 550 800 or 999 on a Christmas tree even if I did win the lottery page 58

Still looking for wallet friendly even in the hi low cost.  The low is still to much for me LOL.   One of descriptions says score 2 for less then 500 (chairs) how about score 4 chairs at good will for 10 bucks and they are way more comfier then the originals.  Had to talk mom into these and they matched perfectly!  Not to mention two of them had arms. 

Love the DIY tassels with jingle bells on page 73 hate the freeze dried boxwood moose head for 169 on the same page LOL

Love the real estate spy .... real gingerbread houses (the kind you can live in not eat or decorate... who eats gingerbread houses anyway ick) on page 79 My fav is the one in Osceola IA

Like the DIY for the umbrella on page 87 even though the color and the design isn't my thing.  I can make it moi if I choose to do it

Oooh I like the stockings on page 88-89  you down load the template at hgtv.com/stocking ...  checking to see if its still there so I can download my own!  BRB

Yep still there... here is a link and how too of what the finished stockings looked like in the magazine

Im not a foodie or a food giftie ha ha but I like the dipped pretzel idea on page 117 and like the way its presented in a compartmentalized bakery box.  So where does one get these and are the pricey?

ha ha ha Lindemans has the best add...

The headline said let it glow let it glow let it glow... I think I have frozen overload because I was singing it to let it go...

then I realized it was let it snow har har har...

 wow... the magazine says poinsettias are not poisonous and she gave my purty one away a long time ago because the cat was looking at it like he wanted to nibble.  It will cause a tummy ache it said.

Ok I made it to the back cover of this magazine.  I did not find one wallet friendly Christmas décor.  I feel cheated. If I paid for the magazine I would ask for my money back ha ha

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