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Monday, March 9, 2015

I finally did it... I ordered my LASER JET PRINTER

The crowd goes WILD...

I was saving for the 340 model but why was I saving for it I dunno.  Its not like I am a business and will print gobs and gobs of stuff

So here is what I wanted

1. LaserJet (though I don't think its a true laser jet... but it uses toner that's the key!
2. Color
3. Wireless
4. Duplex

It has all that. 

Sine it was soooo much less expensive then the other one I was able to order the toner and two art books.

Here are the links of what I got...

The printer

The toner

The art of whimsical lettering

Drawing and painting beautiful faces by jane davenport

They said the toner and I am sure the rest of the items are eligible for gift wrapping. 

Wouldn't it have been fun to request gift wrapping for the toner.  It would make them talk why in the heck are they wrapping up toner in gift wrap paper LOLOL

Oh I forgot to mention... this was months of dog sitting and Christmas gifts saved up in gift cards from amazon.com

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