A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 photo update of the art studio

Here is a photo tour of my art studio.  One day I will do another video tour.  Its changed a great deal from the last one. 

I want to mention my room is not a Martha Stewart perfect white and everything matchy matchy.  Nothing is matchy matchy LOL.  There are three or four different colors of wood.  There are black, white and multi colored plastic bins.  There are loads of dollar tree finds and thrift store finds. 

I actually carved out two spaces.  One is the official room or the room formally known as the formal dining room. 

The history of my art studio.  Once upon a time it was upstairs but it got to hot so I squeezed the most used items down stairs in my bed room. 

It was suggested I put it in the dinning room.  So I did.  Problem was it was still the dinning room and I was so afraid I was going to ruin the beautiful table so I put it back into my bed room. 

Then I got the bright idea of moving it into the eat in kitchen area.  Which I loved but then I had the whole kitchen redone and it did not fit in there any more.

During the that time I gave the table to my sister because now it was just me and we no longer entertained in that room anymore. 

She gave me her old table and it fit perfectly and that is how the dining room became the art studio.

I also decided to put some supplies in my bed room so I can hang out on my bed with the cats and watch some tele and make some cards or what ever. 

I use to have a tele in the art studio but the tv in my bed room kicked the bucket so I had to make a decision put the tele that was in the art studio in my bed room or keep it in the studio.  It went into my bed room. 

First I will show the main room and then the bed room.  FYI the room usually looks like that unless I am deep in a very messy project which is usually at Christmas.  Card projects or swap projects are usually one sitting and gets cleaned up very quickly.  There is a space for everything and it makes it so much easier to clean up.

Details are in the caption

For the most part I am starting at one door that goes thru the hall to the front door and walking around the room and returning to that door.  The other door goes into the kitchen.

view from one door The one where we will start in a minute but we will show from the other view first...
I use the cereal box holder to throw my bits of trash in and then empty it when it gets full

View from the other door... one of my favorite tips is find an old glass coffee table and use the glass
for your art table.  Nothing sticks to it and you can cut it LOL.

My stamps and craft box with different craft supplies organized

can see my 8.5 x 11 card stock on the top shelve

glues and embellishments

one wall with my three organizers

organizer 1.. see the vintage cameras I got at the thrift store up top?

organizer 2 yes that is a bobble head skeletor LOL ... the bottles were finds from the
thrift stores fyi

organizer 3

my old desk that holds bunch of mash up of stuff

cup cake holder from world market ramekins (?) from Walmart... holds my glitters

my crafty buddy

guess what this use to be?  If you said a shoe organizer you were right!  I took the middle slat out and it
holds 12x12 paper

by the door, these plastic unit holds my stamps

to the left of my white desk an old stereo cabinet, it holds a paper stand
I got it at AC moore long time ago but its a popular brand
mine kept falling apart.  I looked at it boom it went down
I used gorilla glue and put it in this stand and now its on wheels
so its easy peasy lemon squeezy to move

remember yaffa blocks.  I still have several sets... they hold milk crate beautifully

my Elton john record collection ... I am not really sure if the record player I have upstairs even works but who cares

my recycle milk crate opened

my thrift store finds

over the door pantry rack.  I wish Walmart still carries this one
now its a in pieces and not near as study.  It holds my punches
and some other things, its a also a good place to hang my
larger rulers

this is where I hold all my very good pencils and markers.  I bought the boxes at Jerryartarma or something
like that.  Plus my nesting dolls and my life book journal. You can see my tombo water color markers

My fav piece of furniture.  It holds my paper pads.  This piece is older then I am.

My favorite favorite wall with pictures of all my pets

saw on a blog and had to give this a try.  Its a thread holder from Walmart 9.99 with my
washi tape on it

an old curio shelve with boxes.  they mostly
hold acrylic stamps

in the corner two book shelves.  Loads of magazines and my
nut cracker army.  Another crafting buddy.

these are the plastic bins under my folding tables

whats on top of the folding table.  More milk crates and thrift store finds

old frame with fabric covered foam core board to make a bulletin board. 

I love this.  This was a tray that my uncle had.  I found this adorable jars at the dollar tree and they
fit perfectly so they hold all kind of fun little bits

OMG I love this...  these are 5 mini milk crates from the dollar tree on their side with
clean cans.  I love the one that holds the scissors.

one of those cadys ... my tape runner seems to be missing and it needs to be dusted ha ha

some mask just because they are so much fun

my library of craft and art books

another picture of my library and 12x12 plastic storage that holds scraps and
colored card stock

going back to my die cutting station... next to the glass jars are.  I have a cuddle bug and grand caliber
both drawers are filled with dies and embossing folders and the plates

going out the door of the dinning room and you see a wicker shelve

I hold my bigger items I don't use so much

another view from one door

my ott light!

Under my art table ... the brown case to the right has my sewing machine with my sewing supplies in the case
above it.  The plastic drawers holds 1. a jewelry box in progress 2. my Disney scrap book 3. some newspapers

This is the other end, it holds more paper pads

this is the dinning room and it has a hideous boarder of fruit on it... so it has to be covered and I love
the art work of record albums so I covered it up with a border of record albums

Here is my second bed room art room space

a book shelve with some paints and art supplies and my big shot,  and a cricut on the art table
If your keeping count yes I have a cuttlebug, bigshot, grand caliber and the cricut. Do I need them all
nooooo LOL

an old computer desk.  IN the white boxes are my papers and the cricket supplies
My large printer/scanner is on top of the desk

my table ha ha... aka my bed and my Singapore cat getting annoyed LOL.  I love that board on the desk.  It was
a project by Martha Stewart.  Basically with double sided carpet take you adhere a craft mat to a piece of board
you put some feet on the board.  You put some rubber around the board.  You had a handle.  Now you have a two
sided craft station. 

The three boxes on the left were left behind when we moved into one
of our houses.  I painted and added some of my supplies. 
The plastic bins came from a thrift store filled with some art supplies. 

my  other ottlight.  I got two in the package.  One for this room and one for the art studio


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful blessing of a place to craft and create till your hearts content!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Awesome space! So very well organized!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. thanks everybody for the comments. I appreciate them