A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, July 27, 2015

What is on my art table this past week...

Well I started on my stamped image swap.  Here is what the image looks like.

I changed it to only two colors and then I got rid of the noise and enlarged it and here is what it turned out looking like...

I colored it with my prisma pencils and glued it onto a mini album.  The prisma color is just in case some of the image doesn't get covered all the way up (excluding the face, I left the face alone)

that is when I realized my awesome prisma color pencil set up isn't so awesome... 

here it is

Yes I know they are not prisma but its for demonstration purposes only.  

The reason why I disliked it?  I had six drawers of prisma pencils so if I wanted a selection of colors I would either have to keep walking over to the box and pull them out or carry six drawers over to where I was working and who has room to stick six drawers of anything on their desk?

So I went backwards and put them back in the original box...  Um correction not the original box they came in... I didn't go all away backwards but my original storage.  I don't know why I changed.  I loved the colors and the display but I thought the drawers would be oh so much better. 


Now I can just take the whole box where ever I want and it's way more compact...

So back to the image piece... I wanted to do a finnabair (excuse me if I spelled it wrong) type thing..

Oh I forgot to mention the rules of the swap.  We were sent an image and we were allowed to do anything we wanted with it.

I found watched several Finnabair style videos and I could have just glued flowers on it and then painted over it with white gesso blah blah blah but I didn't want to repaint and then spray back color blah blah blah LOL  So I used the following embellishments and selected mainly purple, red, yellow, pink and green.

The first embellishments I made myself. 
I had finally found a mold for buttons. I saw it on create and craft, not the one I got but a similar one and wanted it but did not want to buy another item from them.  As you will see that idea did not work out so well.   It was in the cake decorating section at Hobby Lobby.  I bought it and then I picked up some air dry clay.

Oh boy did I have some fun with that!

I even pulled out my acrylic rolling pin, my tissue blade, a polymer clay face mold and the mod melt molds and had a blast making faces, gears, jewels, buttons, bows and flowers.

I let those dry.  The faces took a bit longer.

Oh I forgot about the skulls LOL

While those were drying I finally broke down and bought the cut n boss from createandcraft.com
and the 10 tattered lace magazines.  I can't wait till they arrive.  See what I meant about not working out to well LOL. 

Watching all the demos does me in. 

Anyway I mentioned the demos because I made one this weekend.  I don't know what possessed me to use orange card stock.  Probably because it is not the my most favorite color and if I messed up its only orange card stock.  Anyway I made this basket. 

Its not quite finished but since I used orange card stock I went with a Halloween theme.

I used papers from hobby lobby seasonal paper pad, a Martha Stewart spider punch and a big old glittery spider from the dollar tree.  The punched spiders are out of create and craft glitter paper.  I have ordered way to much stuff from them these past few months. 

I think it needs more but I have time to finish it, after all its only July. 

Here is a smaller version of the basket ... the scores are 4 and 8 if your want a bigger basket instead of the 2  This is not the tutorial I used. I like the metal ring idea though :-)

I also recently got the rosette die from Tim Hotlz (yes it came from create and craft) and I made a bunch of those in red, yellow and purple for the stamp image project. 
I don't have any pictures of those but if you want to see a tutorial on how to use the die here it is... I have the two die one...

 I used the big shot (Yes it came from create and craft) .  I had the larger plates for it.  Not sure if those plates will work in the cuttlebug (No it did not come from Create and craft, it came from AC moore so that shows you I had it for a LONG time since they are no longer in Columbia, SC).  The grandcaliber (Yes I got it from create and craft) was AWFUL for these type of dies
oooh  there was some pretty cool tips for the next rosette making session. 
I put that aside the image project.  I had a bit of a headache yesterday and I was in the dog watching business this weekend.  I took care of two German sheppards, two beagle mix and visited a doxie and a I have no idea what kind of dog pebbles is but he is a mop, that much I am sure of.  My dogs thought I was cheating on them.  Plus I was taxi service to...No wait Taxi drivers get paid.  I was used and abused ha ha just kidding. 
Well I guess I was cheating on my dogs but I always tell them they are the ones I come home too LOL. 
I was watching youtube videos and So I came across this one.  SeaLemon is one of my favorite Youtubers it seamed like an interesting technique to make a journal page out of.
She is was a guest host for HGTV in April

 She must have gone to a rich school cause our scratch art was color with crayon then color over it with black crayon.  Hee hee. No premade boards for us.

So I colored with the oil pastels and NOTE TO MYSELF ...don't do this on your bed again oil pastels are messy ;-)

Then I found what I thought may be tempra paint but washable (it didn't say what kind of paint it was on the bottle, I think it came in a six pack and may have said it on that label) and used the soap and it didn't go on so well so I ran to Walmart and bought some actual paint labeled tempra paint.  They only had the paints that were labeled washable.

It did the same thing.  So either I put to much soap or not enough,  used the wrong kind or the washable part is a factor.  Do they make tempra paint that is not washable?   This requires another trip to Hobby Lobby.  How awful!  (note the sarcasm)  I could look it up on Create and Craft ha ha ha.

The paint did not want to stick.  I still have some parts not sticking but got it covered for the most part.  Now I have to decide what to scratch...  I'm thinking a mask, carnival type for one. 

 So I went back to the stamped image project.  I wanted my air dry clay elements to be about the same colors as what I colored the image.  So I tried an experiment.

I colored the dry clay with prisma pencils.  The pencil color did not get into the nooks and cranys especially with the flowers. 

So I used odorless mineral spirits, it melts the wax in the pencil markings and drags the color and it was sort of like painting with the colors I did get on the clay.  Most people use blending stumps but I learned from Lachri fine art (youtube) you can use a paint brush just as well maybe even better.

So after I had all the pieces colored I decided I wanted them to be glossy and was going to use glossy accents but I could not find mine.  To be honest I did not look very hard.  I found Mod Podge version of it, so I used that. 

I didn't exactly follow the instructions cause it would have made a big mess.  So I brushed most of it on the pieces.  While I was doing that I found the glossy accents on the shelve.  Yeah (some more sarcasm)

I went to dinner as it dried.  When I came home I gathered the rosettes, some other pieces like flowers, a bird, butterfly etc and started placing them on the piece.

Every time I say or hear butterflies I want to sing the reading rainbow theme... you know the show with Lavar Burton (Gordi from Star Trek the next Generation, just in case I spelled his name wrong)

Butterflies in the Sky I can go twice as high, take a look its in a book reading rainbow, reading rainbow (yes I am a dork and I am proud of it)

I do want to add there is one rosette I did not make.  I think it was on a tag that somebody sent me and it got messed up during the mailing process so I reused the good part.  I don't remember who gave it to me but I hope They don't mind I reused it on another project.   Its the green one.

Here is the finished piece....


So while I was trying to take the pictures AJ was being oh so helpful (there goes that sarcasm again)
He was between me and the camera and I thought I would try to turn the camera around and see what pictures I can get...
here is the foolishness that transpired

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OOOOOOPS

Best Dog EVER!
All the art was complete and time for clean up....
So I did another one of the challenges.  But this time it was two rooms...
Here is the before
Singapore was bound and determined to be in the way

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  When I saw it on the tiny camera viewer I wondered why it was blurry
That's AJs tail going back and forth LOL

ooooops I told a tail the Halloween basket wasn't done.... you can see it on the table naked LOL
the second room
it may not look all that much of a mess but it was, the pictures did not show all of it and it was two rooms. 
So I noted that the time was 915 when I took the before pictures and off I went....
at 927 I was taking the finished pictures...

12 minutes, two rooms which included one dog I had to tell to move about 35 times (this time its a bit of over exaggeration) and a cat that refused to move so I didn't even bother
My swaps will probably go out Friday July 31.  Pay day I think or August 1.  Its 230 am and I guess I should have been in bed hours ago but I knew sleep would not come so here  I am. 
So night night all

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