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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mickey Mouse Disney box complete

Im posting this from my cell phone ap so its not going to be set up exactly how I would like it until I can get to my lap top

I finally finished the box and I'm so glad I changed it to a Disney theme.

The materials I used
Old jewelry box from the thrift shop
Folk art chalk paint  not sure of the exact names but red black white
Folk art wax clear
Satin polyurethane (hate that stuff)
Sand paper
Disney patterned paper (it was a kit not sure by whom will update also)
6 wood cabinet knobs
6 flat head wood screws #6 1 1/4 inch
Clear putty
Mod podge
3 Disney punches
Black card stock
Hot glue gun
E 6000
Paper trimmer
phillips screw driver
Misc brushes
Paper plate
Lint free cloth
Fun foam
Foam adhesive
Push pin
Red mat board
Dictionary pages
Disney post card
Washi tape

So the only things I actually purchased to complete this project was the 6 cabinet handles (walmart wood 2 for 1.97) the screws (Home depot 98 cents) wood putty (walmart about 4 bucks but this item will not be exclusive to this project so I will get more use out if it) and the box (goodwill 2.99)

So as mentioned in the previous post I painted the box black and painted the knobs black red and white. I also combined the 2 bottom drawers to make it bigger for a mini album.  I planned to distress the box.  I changed my mind.

After the back paint dried I painted the sections I wanted red. Here is when I decided to keep the lid black.  When I painted the front scallops red I realized they were better off black to I repainted black.

After the red paint dried I attempted touch ups.  At the end I gave up.  Im there is a cross contamination fairy out there.

I measured the papers.

I attempted pre drill the holes.  I didn't have much luck. 

I mod podged the papers on.

I attached the knobs.   This was the hardest part.  I can hear Jinger Adams on create and craft your project is only going to be as good as your tools.   I needed a different kind of screw driver.  (Just got it today for future boxes) I had to replace the paper about 5 times.  I used almost a whole 12x12 sheet. 


Let dry

Mod podged torn dictionary pages and mickey punches into the drawer


Let dry

The box was wobbly plus to prevent scratching the table I added fun foam at the bottom. On one leg I gave an extra layer of foam tape to even it out.

On the inside of the box I used washie tape to hide the edge.  Sealed with more mod podge.

More touch ups... not ready to give up quite yet.

Put the hinge back on


Painted on the wax

Painted the polyurethane inside the box



Added the matt board and post card

Added the ribbon

Gave up on the retouching.   When its dry its done.

I might have to wax the I side if the polyurethane is still sticky.

Next I will be making the book

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