A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Somerset Studio Review

Besides that blog post about the dies I haven’t posted anything in ages.  I need to post what I made for Christmas.  Yes I am aware March is next week.  So I am jumping back onto the band wagon so to speak… by the way what in the heck does that actual refer to?  Did I quote it right? 
For Christmas I got a two year subscription to Somerset Studio Magazine.  The art of paper and mixed media.  The first issue came yesterday. It is the March/April issue of 2016.  I had a headache and went straight to bed without looking at it. 
Today I pored over it and have really enjoyed several pieces in it. 
The first thing that caught my eye was the Artist Profile Finnabair.  She has inspired a lot of people in her work and many people have created pieces in the Finnabair style. I just learned and found it amusing that the youtube videos about creating a Finnabair style has been pronouncing the name wrong all this time.   According the magazine it is pronounced Finavar.   I think her art work is so much fun and it totally engrosses assemblage and mixed media art.  Look at me trying to be all smart in my review I don’t think I used the word engrosses right ha ha.  Embraces… no that isn’t it either.  Encompasses.  Yes I think that is the word I was looking for I think her art work is so much and it totally encompasses assemblage and mixed media art.  Does that sound right?  So much for those fancy college words.  I want my money back!
Anyway they mentioned she went to Warsaw University.  Oddly enough that brought back an old memory.  I don’t even know why I bothered to deposit it into my memory bank.  It was not a relevant memory at all.  My mother called my father.  They were separated.  I don’t remember a time when they weren’t.  One of his relatives answered and said he was in Warsaw.  That just stuck with me.  They meant Warsaw Kentucky but it just sounds so worldy.  Of course there is nothing worldy about hilly billies in Kentucky ha ha. 
The next article that caught my eye was the one titled You got Angel Mail.  This piece is about sending Angels on Mail art.  Thankfully the artist does not have a postal worker like the one at my local post office.  I doodled on the magazine and he gave me a lecture.  I should have taken the survey and posed the question are all your postal employees this grumpy?  He claims is messes with the machines.  Boo Hoo Machines Vs Man let the man do some work from time to time.    I love her angels though I am strange and don’t like angels.  Let’s take Highway to heaven.  You have to be dead to be an angel and well I don’t like cat angels and dog angels I want them alive.  I know I am silly.  But I got over that part.  The art work is lovely.  Kind of reminds me a little of Willowing art type art.  Besides I believe sending mail art is also a gift for the carriers.  They carry dull letters every day and a little bit of color might just make them smile.
The next article that spiked my interest is the A trio of Frogs, all lined up.  I want to make something like this but of course Karen style.  She took frog door knobs and put them on wall hangings.  I liked the frogs and would rather use plastic toys if I could ever find such items.
The next one is an OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I so got to do this one.
It is called Prancing Dragons/Beaded tassel: A Mixed-Media exploration of Chinese Opera.  What drew me to it was the mask and the tassels and the Finnabair type design and the shadow box.  I would not be doing a Chines Opera theme.  I would definitely like to make paper tassels with beads to go along with the piece.  I love mask and thought this would be a perfect way to make something with a mask.
The next two articles I really enjoyed are Journal of Hopes and Focus on Negative.  I must give each a try.  I can’t wait to give each a try that is.  It is really hard to describe Journal of hopes except for they are 5 inch strips and they are folded over and each page is folded so the page underneath has an edge showing.  Like I said it is hard to describe.  Focus on the negative where the background becomes the foreground.  Get the magazine.  You will thank me. 
Inside out… people are always saying save the inside of your envelopes.  This artist shows what she did with the inside of those envelopes.  I am liking very much!
Then you got your papers … does anybody ever use these papers.  I got years of magazines and never used 1.  They also included another coloring page.  I have got more inspiration to doodle my flowers now.
The papers are part of Melange … not really understanding why they call it that but they do
52 day miniature art journal… the artist used miniature deck of cards and binded them together to make a nice little book.  I wish there was instructions on the minding method.   All in all it is a fun project that you can do for 52 days. 
One day I want to make an art dress.  Would I wear it?  most likely not ha ha.
Oh and then there is the Accidental crafter: He sees all, yet knows nothing.  I think I can relate.  Read who he broke up with in this riveting section. So I googled Bruce Adams.  There is Bruce Adams.  Not this guy.  Bruce Adams the musician, not this guy.  Bruce Adams the roofing contractor.  Probably not.  There are no accidently crafters.  Sigh. 
I give this issue two thumbs up.  If I had a third thumb I would give it an extra thumbs up but I only have two to give.