A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Friday, June 23, 2017

I cads 3 in one post

Three in 1 post ... how about them apples?

This is a butterfly and floral set.

Materials i used
3 4x6 index cards
Scraps from a vintage paper pad from walmart (my fav and its only 5 bucks)
Glue stick
Old gift card
Craft white acrylic paint
Craft black acrylic paint (that was a boo boo ... i will explain below)
Paint brush
Stazon black ink pad
Colorbox brown ink pad
Galaxy white marker (target carries them sometimes in the dollar section)
Make up applicator
Misc stamps floral and butterfly
3 brown tombow water color markers

So here is what i did ....
Several months ago i had put together a wall shelving unit of mini crates to house my scissors and beads that are in the little dollar tree rectangle condiment containers that have lids.  Those things are fabulous.  You get 10 for a dollar.  Sometimes you can find a 12 pack bonus.  They also come in round shapes.

The crates are sold seasonally at dollar tree and in the office supply at walmart.

I stacked 3 crates in 4 rows (i think that is what i used)  on their sides.  Scissors will fit in the top (walmart holes may need to be cut but thats easy.  Dollar tree crates holes are wide enough)

Ok there is a reason im telling all this ha ha. 

So the crates have holes on all 4 sides right?  Nature of the crate.  Those little boxes catch on those holes.  So i took chip board and cut out 12 squares to put at the bottom of the crates and used the  walmart patterned paper to pretty up those chip board squares.

I had loads of scraps left over so i covered 2 12 x 12 chip board for future projects

I still has an index card box full of the scraps.

That little set up will be featured in a art room tour ... hopefully this year lol

So I tore the scraps and glued them with a glue stick to the 3 4x6 index cards.  BTW still got a good amount of that index card box filled with the scraps. Just wanted to point out I used index cards i had messed up on since they were going to be covered.  So save those bummers if you are short on cards. 

I smoothed it down with an old gift card

I let the glue dry and took craft white paint and watered it down.  I painted a few layers over each card and let dry.

I took a sponge make up applicator and sponged the brown ink on each card. 

Then i swiped the pad around the card

Then i boo booed with the black paint

I was working on 2 other i cads that were still on the table along with the deli paper i had put some black paint on.  My pinky finger picked up the black paint and i got some one one if the cards.

Sneaky peak ... think of a galaxy for one of the cards!

Instead of ditching or covering it up I stuck my pinky back into that back paint and blotted the other 2 cards

I then ran the stazon black ink pad around the card

I stamped misc butterflys and florals on each cards

Lets just say my stamping technique is something to be desired.

Half prints and print overs etc.  It was looking like a hot mess.

I tried the galaxy pen to mute the black.  Didnt I learn that doesnt work in the sunset i cad?  Ha ha

Re stamping with the browns and using the brown tombow however did reign in that hot mess and I am rather pleased with the results.

What do you think?

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